Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Apps I can't live without

I love my iPhone and I certainly couldn't live without that, or my Macbook come to that. But there are definitely also some apps that I use pretty much every day that I just don't how I coped without not having them before!


This app is sooooo useful. I use it all the time. Before coming to University, I used it to keep notes of various things, but now I use it to keep all my lecture notes, seminar readings, essay plans, to do lists, everything in. I have it synched on my phone, tablet and laptop so I can access everything straight away. It's by far the best note taking app I have used (and I have tried many!)


I love the Pinterest app. A little too much - I've often found myself browsing pins instead of concentrating whole-heartedly on my lectures (I know- this is not good). The app is very well designed and so lovely to use, and a bit too easy to spend too many hours on it! My pinterest is here just in case you were wondering ;)


Being a language student, this app has come in handy many of occasions. It's not always 100% accurate but it can be very useful for the odd forgotten word.

iPlayer Radio 

This app I use so much. Whenever I'm in my room I have radio 1 playing, I hate silence! I often put my phone in my radio/docking station and have it playing out of that - it's so irritating not being able to get any sort of signal in my room, even DAB! I love the new playlist feature on the app too.

7 Minute Workout 

As mentioned in my previous post, I've been doing a 7 minute workout (almost) daily, and this app helps motivate me. I've tried more than one of these apps and "Seven" by Perigee is the best, as it tells you when to change sides, stop etc. I actually enjoy using this app!
Since I've had my new phone (and more memory!) I've been downloading lots of apps and trying out new ones, but these are my favourite ones!

What are your favourite apps? 

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