Friday, 24 January 2014

Friday Favourites #2

And the weekend has officially begun! Check out my favourite things I've been loving this week:

1. Jack Wills

Oh, I wish I had more money to buy more clothes, Jack Wills clothes are so gorgeous! I am especially loving some pieces from their new lines (I have such a thing for their crews).
P.S with the code SALE15 you can get an extra 15% off their sale items this weekend! Go go go.

2. 'The Fault In Our Stars' by John Green

I'm about halfway through this book and it's just one of those books I can't put down. I shall write a review when I've finished reading it, which shouldn't be long, so far it's been rather gripping. 

3. Kate Spade Wallpaper

Loving this! So bright and colourful. I have it on my phone, laptop and tablet, because I love co-ordination and it instantly boosts my mood. Get it here: Click here!

4. Striking Truths

I saw this website on a blog a while ago and I check it rather regularly for a dose of inspiration. Check it out.

This week has been rather hectic with work and not a lot else so there's not really that much on my 'loving' list right now. I need to return to the outside world again, I think. In other news, Sherlock is still a favourite, even though the series finished almost 2 weeks ago. #season4please 

Enjoy your weekend!

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