Monday, 31 March 2014

10 reasons why everyone should have a dog

Bit of a different post today, but after my car tragically failing its MOT leaving me with no car for a week and a pretty large bill, I needed something to cheer me up a bit. I'm back home from uni for Easter, and (though I probably shouldn't admit it) I missed my dogs the most! I have 3 dogs and I love them all. This is my list of why I think everyone should have a dog in their life:

  1. Their unconditional love - A dog won't ever judge you, they'll always be there for you and will love you - more so than your average human. To a dog, you are the best person ever and they love you more than doggie biscuits. Most of the time. 
  2. They keep you fit - Dogs are such a good reason to get outside and stay active. Lately I've been taking one of my dogs with me when I go on a run for a bit of company, but even just taking them for their daily (or twice-daily) walk gives you the exercise and fresh air that you really needed. 
  3. You'll never be alone- I think that the best thing about having a dog at home is the company they provide. Yeah they may not talk back, but you're not alone in the house if a dogs there. I also don't feel afraid at all with my dogs here, they know if I'm home alone and will get protective (read: bark loudly) if someone they don't know turns up! Guard doggies in the making. 
  4. They make you laugh - A dog can always make you smile. Every day one of my dogs do something silly or funny and it never fails to make me giggle and cheer me up!
  5. They enjoy working as a full-time vacuum cleaner - Okay so obviously the vacuum cleaner won't be replaced by a dog, but they're useful in eating up any bits of dropped food. They hoover up the smallest of crumbs.
  6. They are good for children - Lots of studies have shown how good pets are for children, such as strengthening their immune system, but dogs also teaches children other things, like compassion and responsibility. Their doll got chewed up by the dog? Well they should have put it away. 
  7. They're good for your health - Surprisingly (or perhaps not) dogs can be beneficial to our health. Not only can they help reduce stress levels and depression, but they've also been proven to help older people who suffer from dementia and other conditions. There are long lists out there with all the benefits that dogs provide to our health!
  8. They provide you with a reason to be social - Dog owners regularly stop on walks to talk to other dog owners, and you even meet people at dog training classes or if you have a friend with a dog you might take them out together. 
  9. They provide routine - Dogs love a routine so it encourages us humans to have a routine too. Between my family and I, our day revolves around our dogs. They are walked before everyone leaves for school and work and when everyone gets home. If I'm back from university and at home for the day then I will walk them in the morning and afternoon - it provides me a reason to get up and it definitely helps with my productivity! 
  10. And because who couldn't love those happy faces...

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