Friday, 7 March 2014

Friday Favourites #3

I've been quite busy recently with uni work (brb, drowning in essays and assignments) so apologies for the lack of posts. Here are my favourites of the past week (and maybe the week before!), so without delay...

1. Dexter 
I watched this series on netflix within about 3 weeks (yes the whole 8 years worth of episodes) - maybe this is actually the reason for my lack of posting... Anyway, I loved this series and got into it really quickly, however the ending was very disappointing, but I'll just try and forget about that.

2. White Converse 
I bought some White converse off eBay, a bit of an impulse buy but I got them for £20 and they are in almost perfect condition! Bargain! They literally are such a staple item, I can wear them with almost everything and they are soo comfy.

3. Muji gel pens
I got bought some of these as a Christmas present and hadn't really used them until now. They are so nice to write with and I love that they have a thin tip. Also the selection of colours is great and I now have very pretty notes!

4. Paisley
I'm really into paisley print right now. It's definitely a summery pattern but it's sneaking into my wardrobe already, I really want a skirt with paisley print at the minute...

5. Spotify
I've had spotify for a long while but never really used it all that much until now. I've made a few playlists for literally every mood, and I've discovered some new favourite songs. I haven't paid for premium yet, I'm just using the free version, but I think I might soon..

So those are mine, what are your favourites of the past week (or two?)

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