Tuesday, 29 April 2014

5 easy ways to make your student room cosy!

5 easy ways to make your dorm room cosy_edited-1

It's Term 3 which means my  first year of University is almost over. Where on earth has that time gone?! Being a fresher is bloomin' great and I've loved first year. Living on campus in halls has certainlyhad its ups and downs. On the plus side it's meant meeting lots of new people, there's always lots going on, and being able to crawl out of bed 10 minutes before a lecture and still make it on time is very convenient. Of course I've never actually done this... well ok maybe once (or twice). Its downsides include noisy neighbours, messy kitchens - inevitable when you share with 15 people! - and fire alarms - usually drunk people returning from their nights out and burning toast at 3-4am - not great. Despite this I've grown to love my room and will be sad to leave - but living in a house next year with my best friends should hopefully be just as much if not more fun! Here are my tips on how to decorate your dorm room and make it a place you love:


Having posters on your walls of things you love can help cheer you up when you're feeling a bit homesick or stressed. My uni and I think most other units have a poster sale at freshers or soon after so why not grab a couple. I have one of NYC above my desk which is motivational for me as I hope to have one of those high flying city jobs ;)

Fairy Lights

This may just be me, but I love fairy lights. I think they make any room instantly 28947892 times cosier. I've got 2 sets in my room. 


I spent ages trying to decide on bedding set I wanted. In a student room a bed takes up the majority of the space so having cute bedding is a must. Cushions also help to make a room cosier and you can simply never have too many cushions. Urban Outfitters always have great bedding. And I love H&M's bedding too!


Okay this sounds a little vague but I wasn't sure what else to call it. In this I mean little nicknacks and decorations, for example photo frames, jewellery boxes, cards, hanging decorations/ornaments and so on. Bring little things from your bedroom at home to help your room feel cosier! (and to hep negate any homesickness)

Photo prints 

Before I arrived at uni I ordered a lot of photo prints with the intention of covering my walls in photos. This is exactly what I did. It makes my bare walls look so much nicer and helps put a smile on your face when you're feeling a little low! I also printed off some pictures from Pinterest and Tumblr for extra decor and inspiration! Put these inspirational prints on your walls with some washi tape for extra instagrammable points.


Cacti, succulents and plants. They look cute, brighten your room, add some life, and there's always the air improvement perks if you needed any more persuasion. 

Do you have any tips for styling your dorm room?

Hannah x


  1. i love the look of fairy lights and scatter cushions!! xx

    1. Me too! Makes the room look so much prettier! xx

  2. Fairy lights and cushions definitely make any room cosier!
    Your room looks lovely :)
    Rachel x
    Strawberry Sundaes