Thursday, 24 April 2014

a day in the life

I always enjoy reading these sort of posts on other people's blogs and so I thought I'd write my own. Yesterday was the first day of term 3 - summer term! Most of my days are quite varied and this term will be different to the last 2 as I have far fewer lectures and far more exams (boo). I captured some photos of what I was doing throughout the day so here goes:

7:30am - Wake up - check emails, read the news headlines and some blog posts

8:00am - Jump in the shower, do my hair and make up and get dressed

8:30am - Meet the girls in the kitchen for some breakfast

8:45am - Leave to walk to University House, where I have a meeting with a Careers Advisor to check my CV

9:15am - Sit down in the library cafe for a mocha and to tick a couple of things off my to do list

10:00am - Lecture time! 2 hour lecture on film in the former GDR

12:00pm - Back to my room and see that the summer party line up has been announced - got a little bit excited as one of my flatmates/best friends is performing and on the poster!

12:30pm - Lunchtime! (Tomato soup and toast)

1:00pm - Study time - making a start on my Quantitative Analysis for Management assignment...

3:00pm - Procrastination time - painting my nails... (I love this blue colour - so pretty and perfect for Spring!) Also watch an episode of Game of Thrones

4:00pm - Coffee and cake with one of my course mates to discuss our group project

6:00pm - Dinner time and catch up with the girls

8:00pm - Normally I would go out to Pop! on a Wednesday night, but its Term 3 and everyone seems to have their studious heads on - including me. So I spent my evening doing a couple of hours of revision and facetimed my family and boyfriend.

11:00 - Early night - some reading on my Kindle and sleep.

How was your day? 

Hannah x

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  1. I also enjoy these kinds of posts. Its interesting to see how different everyones life is!