Sunday, 20 July 2014

Before We Met by Lucie Whitehouse - Book Review

Hannah Lane - Student Blog

I picked up this book in the airport before we went in holiday as I forgot to bring my books that I was going to read! I'm a little ashamed to admit that the main reason I bought it was because the main character was called Hannah (haha), and I didn't really have enough time to read a few blurbs. I do like these type of mystery/psychological thriller books though.

Hannah and Mark Reilly met in New York through mutual friends and a few months later, get married in a bit of a whirlwind romance. Hannah moves back to London for Mark's job but finds it difficult to get a job on par with the one she had in NY. When Mark doesn't return home one weekend and can't contact him, Hannah begins to worry and though she trusts him, she worries that something more sinister might be going on and slowly investigates his past...

When I say slowly, I do mean slowly. I felt this book was really quite slow to get going and that nothing much really happened in the first 3/4 of the book. Obviously stuff did happen, and I wouldn't say it was boring as I kept reading after all, but it just lacked suspense and drama. In comparison, the ending was very dramatic but it was over as quick as the 'drama' started.

I really like the concept of this story, and the theme of do you ever really know someone but I'm just not sure it was executed that well. Overall I'd probably rate this 6.5 out of 10,  and I would recommend it as a holiday/easy read :)

What books have you read recently? Would you recommend any of them? I need suggestions on something to read! :)

Hannah Lane

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