Monday, 28 July 2014

My work experience at TRO

Last week I finished 2 weeks working at TRO Group on events, and I absolutely loved it. So I thought I'd share my fab experience with you all and maybe give you some hints and tips for your work placement.

Student Blog - Hannah Lane

I do have the tendency to stress and I sometimes lack confidence, but before I started at TRO, I didn't have any nerves, which is a stark contrast to my first day at my old job! I got there in good time (being late is never good, especially on your first day!) and as soon as I had been introduced to everyone in the office and shown around I felt right at ease! Everyone was super welcoming and friendly and it was like I'd already been there for weeks.

The responsibility they gave me on the first day surprised me, I was thrown right in at the deep end! This was a good thing for me though and I'm glad they did. Within an hour of me being there, I was on the phone to clients and sending out emails.

I learned so much during these two weeks. It's been so interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes with events (and it's more than I thought!). This time of year is really busy for events so it was quite exciting and there was loads going on.  It was great that I was actually helping everyone, and knowing they were grateful for my help! I was really sad to leave on Friday. But there are chances I could be going back so fingers crossed!

Hannah Lane- Student Blog

 If you're doing some work experience soon, I've got a few tips to help you get the most out of it. First of all, go above and beyond. If someone asks you to do a task, do that and more. At first you might not know what to expect, you'll soon pick things up, so if someone asks you to fetch idents for an upcoming event, you could check what other events are PDI'ing that day and fetch them for those too. My next tip also ties in a bit with this: Be proactive. Once you get to know what you're supposed to be doing and how things work, you can be more proactive. There will always be something you can be doing! Another tip: Don't be afraid to ask questions. You are absolutely not expected to know it all, don't be afraid if you're not sure what you're doing. Your colleagues will prefer you asking for help than having to redo a task because you haven't done it right!

To sum up this post, I loved my work experience and can't wait to do more! If you've got a work placement come up, good luck and I hope you get everything out of it you want to and more!

Hannah Lane


  1. Aw this sounds like such a dream placement! I would love to work in events. So glad you had a good experience!! I see you've already done the Liebster Award but if you fancy doing it again I've nominated you on my blog: :) xx

    1. It was great I really enjoyed it! Events seems like such a fun and dynamic career path! Thank you for the nomination :) xx