Sunday, 10 August 2014

Student Sundays - Packing

Hannah Lane

Hey guys! So I'm starting a thing. Every Sunday for the next few weeks there's going to be a post with tips on how to prepare for University in September/October. This will mainly be aimed at new students, but current uni students may be able to pick up a tip or two! I had a brilliant first year at uni and I learnt so much! I am now by no means an expert but hopefully you guys might find some use out of these posts.

My first post is going to be a packing list. This time last year I would have been searching pinterest and the internet to find a definitive packing list, and in the end I combined quite a few to make my own. The first thing to do when you're deciding what you need to buy is look at your accommodation. I was in halls but self catered. Some people will be catered, some people will be unfurnished flats. Find out where you'll be living, and try to find out what's already provided. The vast majority of halls will have furnished bedrooms and kitchens will have a toaster/microwave/kettle but you'll need to bring your own utensils etc, but some may even provide this!

When you're planning what you need, I recommend writing a list! I wrote probably more than one but it definitely helps with organisation. Also section it into things like 'Bedroom', 'Kitchen', 'Studying'. Here's my list that is by no means exhaustive, or do you have to take everything, it is entirely aimed as a rough guide and you will probably want to personalise it:

Hannah Lane
I think that covers most things but obviously everyone will want to take different stuff! If you're not sure what you will use/need don't worry too much, you can always buy stuff once you're there! We often shared stuff in our kitchen if someone didn't have something so don't panic as one of your flatmates will probably help you out! Also buy stuff from places like Poundland, Ikea or supermarkets. Don't spend a fortune, especially on kitchen stuff, as things may go missing or get broken.

Hope this is helpful!

Hannah Lane


  1. great post, I never moved out for first year but I'm moving into a flat soon so this is really helpful! would love if you could check out my fashion blog? :)


    1. Thank you, I'm glad you liked it! I will take a look :) x