Sunday, 24 August 2014

Student Sundays - Some things to expect at uni

Wow what a crazy week. I've only been at home for about 24 hours this week so I had no time to prepare the post I was planning for this week, but don't worry it will come next week! Last week I had some interviews for part time jobs in Leamington and got offered a job at M&S that same day, so on Sunday I was driving back up to Leamington to stay at a friend's so I could attend the induction Monday and Tuesday. Then home, then to the boyfriend's for his birthday, then back to Leamington this weekend to work. Crazy.

Anyway, on to this post. This isn't really a guide as such, more of a few things that I discovered when going to uni that no-one really spoke about beforehand.
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 I didn't expect to be homesick at all, as I'm quite independent, and to be fair I wasn't homesick straight away. It was in the second or third week, after everything settled down, that I felt it most, whereas some of my friends got really homesick in the first week. Everyone deals with being away from home for the first time differently, but don't worry - I can guarantee your friends will be feeling the same some time or another, so you can be there for each other!

Making friends

The people you meet in the first couple of weeks may not necessarily be your bestest friends. You meet sooooo many people at university and your best group of friends might not necessarily be your flatmates or your course mates. You can meet people through clubs and societies too and know you will have something in common with them!

Careers fairs

Bit random, but no one mentioned it to me really. Going to careers fairs and getting ahead of everyone else can do wonders for your career path. You can find out about internships, what certain careers involve, and ask people whatever you want to know. These usually take place in first term, and you should also apply for summer placements before Christmas if you're thinking about doing one.

So much socialising

Seriously. It seems that the first weeks of uni is just about socialising. I found there wasn't a night that there wasn't something on, whether it be a night out, or something more chilled such as ice skating, bowling or a meal. You won't be able to attend absolutely everything so don't be afraid to say no!


Perhaps an unexciting point but should be mentioned. One of our flatmates had his room broken in to on the first night while we were out at the Student Union. He had his laptop and other valuable items stolen and it wasn't a good start. We lived on the ground floor and he left his window unlocked. It seems fairly common sense but people do forget, lock your doors and windows.  Student rooms are targets, particularly over freshers week.

Next week I'm going to be doing a post about budgeting and working while at university. If there's anything you want to see tips on, let me know via the comments or email me (address in contact section).

Is there anything you discovered at university that no-one pre-warned you about? :)

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