Tuesday, 12 August 2014

UPDATE: 20 before 20

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In May, I posted about my 20 before 20 list, which is a mini bucket list of things I want to do before I'm 20, and I thought now I'm 19 it's time for a bit of an update. Here's the original list:

1. Go to Germany 
2. Go to a festival 
3. Volunteer
4. Donate 
5. Go to Thorpe Park - 01/08/14 
6. Harry potter movie marathon
7. Vote - 22/05/14
8. An electronics free day 
9. Spa day
10. Learn to cook
11. Do some work experience - 14/07/14
12. Go on holiday with my boyfriend - 01/07/14
13. 500 blog followers
14. Run a half marathon
15. Get a tattoo
16. Go to a new country - 14/06/14
17. Average a 2:1- 25/06/14
18. Win something
19. Try something new
20. Spend a day in London

I think I've done pretty well to tick off 6 things in 3 months, but still got a way to go! I've got 11 months left though. Thorpe Park was a fab day out and I hope I can go again sometime! My work experience was equally as fab and I'm so glad I done it! I voted in the European and Local Elections in England on the 22nd May. This wasn't my first holiday with my boyfriend, but it was our first one just us two and it was a perfect week. I've done pretty well with 17, as I've actually been to 3 new countries! Wales, Portugal and Crete. And I passed my first year at Warwick with a 2:1 so I'm counting that as ticked off! Now just got to keep it up! I need to make some plans to do some of the remaining things on the list.

Do you have a bucket list? Comment a link as I'd love to have a look! 

Hannah Lane

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