Wednesday, 26 August 2015

5 apps for productivity

Hannah Lane
It's that time of year again. Summer is almost over (waaah!) and we're all preparing to go back to school/university/work. And as per, everyone is planning on being just that bit more organised this year. It always starts off well, right? And then you slip back into old habits. Well, I've found some apps that will help you with improving your productivity, and making the most of your time! 

Hannah Lane

 1. Momentum 

If you use Chrome, this is a must-have. It's a browser extension you can download for free from the Chrome web store. Momentum works as a personal dashboard. So when you open a new tab you are greeted by a personalised greeting, a stunning picture, an inspirational quote, your to-do list and even the weather for your current location. I also like that you can set your main focus for the day, so you don't get distracted! 

2. Forest

This app is a life-saver during exam periods, but also really good for focus when you need to study or complete a task. The purpose of Forest is to fill up your own little Forest with trees. Set the length of time you need to focus on a task, click start, and your tree begins to grow. However, if you leave the app to check your phone, the tree dies! So in essence, this app is fantastic for keeping you off your phone and if you love being able to visually see how much effort you've put in. I would really recommend this.

3. Office Lens

This is a great app for anyone who might need to scan something. It's so quick and easy. At home, if I needed to scan a document in, I would have to get my printer out of the cupboard, plug it in, connect my laptop and then scan it. This is as quick as grabbing your phone and taking a photo! If you use Office 365 (which I would also recommend), it goes straight to the cloud and is ready for you to access.

4. Alarmy - Sleep if you can

I may be super organised, but wow I find it difficult to get out of bed! If like me, you find it way too hard to not just press snooze, roll back over and fall asleep again, this is an app you need. It forces you to get out of bed and take a picture of a location, such as your bathroom sink, in order to turn the alarm off. Highly annoying in the morning, but great for getting you out of bed!

5. RefME

If you're a university student, this app should definitely be on your phone. It saves so much time when writing an essay - just scan the barcode of a book and the reference is created for you! It has a nice UI, it simple to use and makes writing essays just that little bit easier.

BONUS -  Fliqlo

Not an app as such, but a neat, pinterest and instagram-worthy screensaver. I like studying in blocks of time and this is great for that. Fliqlo is simply a digital flip clock screensaver. And it's just nice to look at.
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