Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Year Abroad - 4 days in

Year Abroad blog
Guten Tag!

So here's a little update on my first few days in Deutschland and some pictures of my new city and flat!

Okay so I've majorly lucked out on my flat, it is seriously nice. I feel so lucky! When I arrived it was spotlessly clean, I had washed bed sheets, and everything I could ever need in the kitchen. There are postcards up everywhere including in my room which gives it a homely feel - anyone who knows me will know I don't like having bare walls! It's also really colourful (green walls in the kitchen with purple curtains and some pink thrown in!) which is cheery and cute. I also have a really nice, blogger-esque desk - can't beat a spacious, white desk with a big window above. Here's some pictures so you can have a look:

Year Abroad blog
Year Abroad blog

I've also had some time to explore the city, and I really like it! It's not the biggest city, but as someone who's used to towns or rolling countryside, I'm sort of pleased about that. It also means everything is in walking distance. I've managed to scout out the H&Ms (yes there's more than one) and Zara - the important things. I had to buy some socks from H&M as I managed to only pack 2 pairs even though I could have sworn I emptied my sock drawer into my suitcase. I also bought a cute scarf - it was only €3, forgive me! 

Year Abroad blog

I've also discovered that Aldi is amazingly cheap. Like €0,29 for a bag of pasta cheap. Crazy. So I have H&M, a damn good currywurst place, Aldi, and döner kebabs all basically on my doorstop. I think I'll be okay here in Mannheim! 

Oh and also, how stunning is my university? It's the top right picture on the collage above, and it was actually once a palace. Yep. I can't wait to start! 

On a final note, I've found that Germans are really friendly. Yesterday I had a random guy come up to me to ask about my green hair (it's actually blue I swear). We talked for 5 minutes about my hair, which was slightly strange. Apparently his friend thought it was 'ugly' so he thought he'd come and ask if it was an accident or green blue on purpose. I then went and browsed hair dye in DM to find that's also super cheap, so every cloud. But if anyone has any tips on getting blue/green hair dye out, hit me up, as it admittedly isn't fading that nicely. 

So my first few days have been rather successful, if a bit quiet. My friends from uni are arriving later in the week though and I have some planned meetups with Germans so I should have a few more anecdotes soon! 

Bis dann!

Hannah Lane


  1. This is actually so interesting as its something id love to do! Your flat is also so cute! x

  2. It's very nerve wracking but I'm so glad I'm doing it :D And isn't it just! I'm so happy with it :)