Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Joules Welly Design Competition

Hey guys! Quick post today to inform you all of this awesome new competition that Joules has launched. In the run up to winter, everyone needs their own pair of wellies to protect their feet from the wet and (hopefully!) snow. I've owned so many pairs of wellies in my life having looked after horses and living in the countryside but my favourite pair have to be Joules.

Anyway, this competition allows you to design a pair of welly boots! The best bit about it is that the winning design will be sold at with proceeds from the sales going to Joules' charity partners via Charitably Joules. The winner also gets a luxury break worth £5000 and there are also 10 winner up prizes of £250 Joules gift cards.

Anyone that knows me knows that I love designing things and I've already submitted my entry!

Fancy a go? Click here to submit your design :)

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