Tuesday, 10 November 2015

10 best things about going home in the holidays

Hannah Lane

Last weekend I flew back to England for a wonderful, well needed weekend at home. To be honest, I probably wouldn’t have gone home for a weekend had my dog not had 8 gorgeous little pups that I was dying to see before they went to their new homes, but a bit of England was just what I needed.

I ate a lot of food, spent a lot of time with my dogs and puppies and family, had a black forest hot chocolate from Costa (which needs to be a thing here in Germany), and soaked up the Norfolk countryside. Going for walks across fields with wellies and mud and my dogs is something I miss so much when I'm at uni or here. 
This short trip reminded me of the best things about going home during university holidays and I thought it deserved a post.

  1. FREE FOOD. And free good food. A roast has never gone down better than it had last weekend and my mouth is already watering at the thought of Christmas Day.
  2. Warm, clean, luxurious showers (that aren't shared by a housemate moulting more than a polar bear in the sahara). And the best bit is that I can stand in my shower at home and not hold the shower head. What a luxury. Germany pls, standing under a shower is much better.
  3. Your pets. Being reunited with your pets and their unconditional love. And how can you not be happy when your dog practically wees itself because he's so excited to see you.
  4. That smell of home. You will never walk into any other building and smell that, only your own house.
  5. Warmth. The average student house will be at least 10 degrees colder than your home or even the outside.
  6. Mum's cooking. I suck at cooking so having amazing food cooked for me is absolute bliss.
  7. Your own comfy, cosy bed. You can sleep in the most amazing, fanciest, 5* bed in the world, but it still won't compare to your own one, with your childhood teddies keeping you company lol.
  8. A stable internet connection. Perhaps. C'mon it's 2015, can we get this wifi thing sorted now…. Germany especially you and your painfully slow download speeds.
  9. The dishwasher. Enough said.
  10. Your life long bezzies. Catching up with your high school friends who are all over the place getting up to all sorts of things is always good.
Now I just want to go back home, soz if I've got you all overly excited for Christmas.
What's your favourite thing about home?

Hannah Lane

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