Sunday, 28 February 2016

A Flat Tour & Homeware Haul

I've been obsessed with home décor recently. Being a student, I usually don't have that nice a room, but our flat in Frankfurt is ideal for filling with pretty homeware things. It's all white walls, wooden floors, and came with white Ikea furniture. I think we've put our stamp on it and I'm pretty happy with how it's come along. I wish we were going to be here longer actually, I'd love to hang some prints up and buy a few more plants, but it's not worth having to fill holes when we leave and though Tom's parents are collecting our stuff when they visit, we can't take a van full of plants back!

Here are some photos of our flat so far and the things I've purchased recently:

Saturday, 27 February 2016

2 months working in Germany - My experience and some advice

Working in Germany
I've been at my internship in Germany for nearly two months now. Though this isn't my first internship, or my first time working in Germany, it's been a completely new experience. My first week was completely overwhelming. I loved it so much, but I felt completely out of my depth. I'm not overly confident speaking German, and the office language and clients and all communications are auf Deutsch. Hopefully this means I'm improving a fair bit though!

I'm working in an experiential marketing company assisting with the organisation of events and lots of other tasks. It's really exciting and something I'm interested in, and they have some really cool clients. I have the nicest work colleagues and I'm working with such a great team!
Other than German, here are the other things I've learnt since working here and some advice if you're starting an internship soon or are planning on doing one on your year abroad:

Monday, 22 February 2016

The best study snacks for a library session

The best study snacks for a library session
It's nearing that time of year when the  greatest challenge of the day is to find a seat in the library. I work so much better in the library than I do at home, so around exam season, you'll know exactly where to find me.

One problem I had last year was snacking in the library, especially when it comes to snacking healthily. I find myself feeling really self conscious when in the silence of the library, I'm crunching away on nuts or banana chips or a carrot.

Therefore I had two challenges: healthy snacks that actually taste good, and that are relatively quiet to munch on. Oh and another challenge, snacks that don't require fridges and microwaves and things that Warwick Uni library should but just doesn't have.

Now I think about it, personal mini fridges under desks would be a cracking idea.

But until that happens, I had to come up with other things to pack for a study session. If you have the same issues as me here and are preparing for an upcoming, soul-draining stint in the library, here's some ideas for snacks to keep you going:

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

A rather different Valentine's weekend

Paris & Zurich
y Valentine's weekend definitely wasn't the typical nice meal, red roses, cute presents weekend. It was definitely not relaxing either, but it was amazing
Tom and I did the clichéd V day last year, which being a hopeless romantic, I do love too, but this year we both fancied something different. Neither of us have much money being students and everything, so we said no to getting each other presents. Then we looked into going away for the weekend, as we haven't done any travelling since being back in Germany, and still wanted to do something.

We ended up booking an overnight coach to Paris.

Paris for Valentines Day, perfect!

We then went to book the train back and it had skyrocketed in price (in the space of 15 minutes). We tried everything, clearing cache and cookies, different browser, different laptop, tried booking it at work and absolutely nothing we tried managed to get the price back to that original one we spotted.

So we had travel to Paris booked, and no way to get back.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Mannheim: A Guide

Mannheim Strandbad

Living in Frankfurt now, I do miss Mannheim a little bit. I spent from the middle of August until the middle of December there and had a fair amount of free time to explore, so I've picked up a few tips on how you can get the most of the city. So whether you're heading to Mannheim for your exchange semester, or you're already there, or you just plan on visiting, here's some ideas: