Monday, 22 February 2016

The best study snacks for a library session

The best study snacks for a library session
It's nearing that time of year when the  greatest challenge of the day is to find a seat in the library. I work so much better in the library than I do at home, so around exam season, you'll know exactly where to find me.

One problem I had last year was snacking in the library, especially when it comes to snacking healthily. I find myself feeling really self conscious when in the silence of the library, I'm crunching away on nuts or banana chips or a carrot.

Therefore I had two challenges: healthy snacks that actually taste good, and that are relatively quiet to munch on. Oh and another challenge, snacks that don't require fridges and microwaves and things that Warwick Uni library should but just doesn't have.

Now I think about it, personal mini fridges under desks would be a cracking idea.

But until that happens, I had to come up with other things to pack for a study session. If you have the same issues as me here and are preparing for an upcoming, soul-draining stint in the library, here's some ideas for snacks to keep you going:

Dried Fruit

This is my personal fav. Raisins, dried mango and apricots are all great. Buy them separately and make your own mixes to save money or buy ready made mixed bags - just avoid the ones with nuts in if you want to munch quietly!

Hummus & Pitta

Cut up little strips of pitta and bring a little pot of hummus for a easy, tasty and healthy snack.


I feel like this is an obvious one, but not all fruit is good for a library session. Bananas are the absolute best, quiet to eat and will help the brain function at its best. Other great fruits include strawberries and other berries, satsumas and grapes.


Little blocks of cut up cheese (just nothing too strong smelling!), BabyBells or Cheesestrings are great for nibbling in silence and keeping you going.

Banana oat muffins

Homemade, of course! So yummy, easy enough to whip together, and a quiet but flipping great snack. One of my favourite recipes is Rachel's fromHandbags & Cupcakesbanana and cinnamon muffins recipe with pecans and raisins too, they're so delicious and healthy too! Find the recipe here.

What are your favourite study snacks?


  1. Oh I love dried fruit so much! I don't usually study at the library, but I think I should, because I do eat too many snacks at home.

    Be | lovefrombe

    1. I find I'm too distracted at home and one of these distractions is the kitchen! So I definitely study better (and eat healthier) in the library :) x