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How to be more creative

How to be more creative - 7 useful tips |
How to be more creative -
I've always been a creative person. When I was a kid I had notebooks completely filled with stories and poems and crazy ideas and even more notebooks filled with drawings (mostly of ponies). I used to live so many different lives in my imagination and I could amuse myself so easily.

I still write, still draw, still daydream. My brain is just constantly on the go with ideas and inspiration. But there was a short period of my life during high school when I think I lost my creativity, and I stopped drawing and writing. I even dropped Art, which today me wouldn't hae een considered. I think the whole high school thing got in the way, with drama with friends and boys and trying to be cool and what not and I strayed a bit from myself as a person. Now I feel like I'm finding myself again and finding my passions, but I know all too well what it's like to not have that much creativity. Here are some ways you can help to get those creative juices flowing:

How to be more creative -

Write, and write some more

I love writing, and I also find it gives me lots of inspiration and ideas. I love sitting down with a notebook and writing lists and brainstorming, or drafting blog posts, or just writing down all my thoughts at the time. By writing down your worries too, it can help to clear your head, which means more room for creative thoughts! Writing helps you to find your voice and your groove, and can really inspire and motivate you. 

Make a journal 

I always used to keep a diary. In a box at home I've got a diary every year from around 2002 through to around 2011. I didn't always write it in it everyday but I loved having somewhere to record something special when it did happen. As a side note: I read some of these last time I was home and they're hilarious, I really should share some extracts. Anyway, nowadays I tend to have a journal on the go. I use this as a place to draw, write down my favourite quotes, write lists and get thoughts off my chest. I make it look as pretty as possible, and because it's for my eyes only, I can experiment a bit more with it. I find it such a great way to add a bit of creativity to my life. 

Go for a walk

The thing I always miss the most about Norfolk is the endless countryside and the long walks through fields or along the coast. There is nothing better than taking a dog (or a horse) out for a walk and getting lost in your own thoughts. Taking a camera too and capturing all the little details is a great way to opening your eyes and being creative. Try taking shots from different angles and using different points of focus. Fill your memory card, and one of those experimental shots might turn out to be your fav. 

Make moodboards

Making moodboards is great to do when you have a small idea, as you can gather all your inspiration and it can really help to visualise the idea. I also find making moodboards such as 'future goals' really inspiring/motivating and just experimenting with them is great for boosting those creative skills. 


I probably should do this less actually. My notebook at work is barely legible! But I find that doodling is really good with creativity even if it can seem mindless, I came up with my header design through just doodling my name over and over!

Always carry a notebook

Especially if you've got some time to kill on a train/bus/a waiting room/a lecture(just kidding). Just scribbling down any notes or ideas or thoughts that come to mind can be super helpful - I always have my best ideas while I'm daydreaming and not at my desk. I sometimes use my phone, but then I often find I'll then write it in a notebook later - some people will be the other way round. Just find what works for you!

Tidy your space

I find this makes such a difference for me, but I guess this could be personal preference. I personally find it really hard to work with messy surroundings, and find my head is much clearer when my desk is. Actually I think I have a quote pinned somewhere along the lines of 'Tidy desk tidy mind' and for me it's definitely true! 

What else do you find boosts your creativity? 

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  1. I love this post! I think I am naturally quite w creative person but I definitely agree with the whole notebook thing, it always feels better to write something down on paper then just on your phone! Xx

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