Sunday, 13 March 2016

Packing for a weekend trip

What to pack for a weekend away
I've become a bit of an expert at packing for weekend trips. I wish I hadn't, I'd much prefer to be an expert in packing for week-long trips but anyway! I find packing for 2-3 days much easier though, and I've definitely learned to narrow down what I take. It's so much nicer travelling light. As a general rule: lay out what you want to take and only pack half of it!

If you need some inspiration or a rough guide of what to pack for a weekend away, here's my summer AND winter packing guides, and a few tips for packing exactly what you need:

Packing Tips

Check the weather

The weather will determine more than anything what you'll need to pack. Be well prepared and pack for the weather exactly. You'll know what temperatures warrant a winter coat and when you can take a lighter jacket. 

Choose co-ordinating pieces 

Pack clothes that you can mix and match, as it gives you much more clothing options and means you can pack lighter. I tend to stick to a colour palette (of monochrome - everytime haha) and it makes it easier to switch up your outfits. 


Don't forget to pack the accessories for an outfit. Jewellery, a hat, shoes, scarves, sunglasses can all make such a difference to an outfit. 

Be sensible

Don't pack something you'd never wear usually, I've made this mistake and I either don't wear it on holiday either or I do and feel horrible and uncomfortable. If you don't know whether you'll wear something or not, don't bother packing it and pack something you love instead!

What are your must-haves for a weekend away? 

Hannah Lane

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