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25 relaxing ways to de-stress

25 Relaxing Ways To Destress |
I've been quite stressed recently, even though I don't have exams this exam season! As well as working full time, I've been piling the stress on myself by taking on other projects as well as working on my blog and my own projects. I'm terrible at switching off, absolutely terrible. I'm blaming it on my Type A personality.

But I am learning. I know which ways work for me when it comes to much needed relaxation, and I feel so refreshed when I come back to my never-ending to do list. I just need to allow myself relax more often.

I've actually been reading a book recently that explains how our brains work the way they do, why we get stressed, what effects this has on us and what we can do about it. It's so eye opening. But kind of scary because OH MY GOD stress is detrimental.

We all need time to switch off and let ourselves get distracted from our work, for the sake of our physical and mental health, so here's a list of some good ways to do just that:

25 Relaxing Ways To Destress |

  1. READ A BOOK (bonus points for wearing pjs)
  2. GO FOR A WALK in a park or forest or a beach or somewhere quiet
  3. WATCH A FILM without browsing social media
  4. BAKE COOKIES and then sit under a duvet fort eating them before they've cooled
  5. COLOUR IN and don't worry about going out of the lines
  6. LIGHT SOME CANDLES and put a face mask on – the ultimate luxury
  7. CHAT ON THE PHONE with someone – ideally not a random person but a friend or family member
  8. GO SHOPPING – online or on the highstreet, nothing like a bit of retail therapy
  9. LISTEN TO MUSIC – the Harry Potter or Theory of Everything soundtracks are so chilled, and there's always classical music
  10. YOGA is apparently very relaxing, I need to get on this
  11. PLAY ANIMAL CROSSING because I swear it's THE most relaxing game ever
  13. 25 Relaxing Ways To Destress |
  14. GIVE YOURSELF A MANICURE, or even better, get someone else too
  15. DRAW unless you can't draw and it's likely to put you in a worse mood
  16. START A BULLET JOURNAL and add lots of lovely lists
  17. WRITE A LETTER to someone, a friend, a family member abroad, your partner, a stranger
  18. WATCH A NATURE DOCUMENTARY (BBC have some amazing ones)
  19. GO SWIMMING or workout, there is some scientific reason behind it, unfortuantely that's not my expertise
  20. SIT DOWN WITH A MAP and guidebook and plan your next trip
  21. TIDY UP – I don't know how anyone can relax when there's mess everwhere, maybe that's just me though
  22. MEDITATE – again something I've not tried but is apparently the key to destressing. Maybe this is where I'm going wrong
  23. VISIT A MUSEUM OR A LIBRARY – unless you're a student with an imminent deadline, I'm not sure how you could possibly be stressed in either of these places
  24. GIVE A DOG A CUDDLE or a cat if it'll let you. Any furry creature will do the trick actually
  25. GO TO A MARKET and buy some flowers and fresh fruit, leave your phone behind and take it all in
  26. TAKE A NAP because sometimes just going to sleep is all you want to do

What's your favourite way to de-stress?

Hannah Lane
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