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Bullet Journal: 50 Page Ideas

Bullet Journal - 50 Page Ideas |
Bullet Journal - 50 Page Ideas | - A student lifestyle blog
The thing I love most about bullet journalling is the freedom to add any page you like, wherever you like and the fact it's not  simply just a weekly planner.

I'm a bit obsessed with mine.

I haven't been bullet journalling too long, so I'm restraining myself from going too overboard with it. If I let myself I would have filled it a week in! It's best not to overcomplicate your bullet journal so it is still practical. A balance between functional and fun is ideal. Primarily, my bullet journal is a daily planner, but it's all the other pages and lists that have made me fall in love with it.

If you want to liven up your bullet journal, or you're just not sure what you could include, here are some ideas:

Bullet Journal - 50 Page Ideas | - A student lifestyle blog

1. Your yearly resolutions
2. Your monthly goals
3. A goal tracker
4. A habit tracker
5. A spending log
6. A books read list
7. A books to read list
8. A page illustrated with things that make you happy
9. A map of places you've been/want to go
10. Your favourite quote/s
11. Header/banner inspiration page
12. A yearly calendar
13. Monthly memories
14. Savings tracker
15. Shopping list
16. Sleep log
17. Mood log
18. TV shows/films to watch
19. Blogging/Life milestones
20. Font inspiration page
21. Classes timetable
22. Deadlines list
23. Recurring tasks
24. Twitter chat schedule

Bullet Journal - 50 Page Ideas | - A student lifestyle blog

25. Vocab to learn
26. Birthdays
27. Blog post ideas
28. Blogging schedule
29. References
30. A brain dump page
31. Brainstorms
32. Future log
33. Packing lists
34. Favourite recipes
35. Your five year plan
36. Your bucket list
37. Job application log
38. Important contacts
39. Your contact details (in case it gets lost)
40. Illustrations
41. Cleaning schedule
42. Grades tracker
43. Gift ideas
44. Meal planner
45. Work hours
46. Advice
47. Fav outfits list
48. Waiting on list
49. Your planning routine
50. A few photos/photobooth strips/tickets

What pages do you have in your bullet journal?


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