Sunday, 10 April 2016

Sunday: 5 Things

Sunday 5 Things |
April has been a pretty good month so far! And we're only just a week in.

My last 5 Things post went down pretty well, and I've been meaning to do another one, but one of the things I kept wanting to put into the list was a secret and then some weeks I was like "do I even have 5 things to talk about?" Haha.

But some exciting things have happened this week so I'm going to fill you all in.

Feeling a lot better after visiting England at the weekend.

For my boyfriend's birthday I secretly booked him a day off work and some flights to go home and see his family for the weekend. It was such a lovely, chilled weekend and a bit of England certainly made me feel better. Last weekend I posted about feeling homesick on my blog. I received comments and emails from people sharing their stories and feelings and I feel so much better. It's one of those things when you know you're not the only one feeling like that, but just hearing first-hand from people makes you feel so much less alone. Along with all your comments and a dose of England, I feel much better and more motivated to make the most of my last bit of time in Germany.

Sunday 5 Things |

My new camera lens!

I've been needing a new camera lens for a long time since my normal one has started to pack up, and I've been reading around for ages, but it's just taken me forever to make a decision on what I want. After speaking to a few people, I finally decided on the Canon 40mm pancake lens. Decision well made.

It is such a nice lens. So light and small, but takes such a nice shot. I got some really nice photos of Tom's family at the weekend and I can't wait to test it out a bit more. Also, because it's so small, I'm planning on taking it interrailing with me!

Booking interrailing

I may have mentioned it here and there, but now we've got flights and the odd thing back, I guess it's official! On July 20th me, Tom, his twin Ed, and a couple more friends, are setting off for Amsterdam to start over 3 weeks of travelling around Europe. We've pretty much agreed a fairly jam packed route of Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Krakow, Budapest, Ljublana, Zagreb, Split, Zadar and back up to Bratislava before flying back from Vienna. I'm so excited!

Bullet journal update |

Obsessed with bullet journalling

I started bullet journalling a month or so ago now and I'm totally obsessed. I don't know how I coped without a planner all this time in Germany, especially when you'd never catch me without one before!! You can see all my bujo posts here, including yesterday's one! Let me know if you have any posts on yours, as I love reading them. 

I've started using it for the traditional journalling style as well and for my blog and it's such a lifesaver. I know a lot of you are interested in the whole system, so I'll be posting some tips and ideas for it soon!

Offering blog designs soon

I'd been debating it for a while but I really wanted to start posting some tips about blogging that I've picked up over the last couple of years and teach a bit of HTML and CSS (and maybe eventually Javascript), and I finally took the plunge and did my first post in the series earlier in the week. I have loads of ideas, but if there's anything you would really like to see a post about then just let me know!

Further to these blogging tips, I also plan to start offering personalised designs, headers and media kits for Blogger! I will be making a page showing examples of my work soon, but if anyone is interested in getting a design, I'm looking to add a few more bits to my portfolio first and I will happily design you something for free, whether it's just a header, post signature, blog button or a whole new design. Get in touch!

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend. What have you been up to recently?

Hannah Lane

P.S another little thing (or quite big for me), I reached 300 followers on Bloglovin today! To those who follow me and read my posts, thank you so much, I really really appreciate it, and it makes me all warm inside. If you don't already follow me but enjoy my posts, you can follow me here!

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