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Bullet Journal: Header Tutorials And Inspiration

Bullet Journal Headers: Tutorials and Inspiration |
If you've started a bullet journal, chances are you've been on Pinterest and seen dozens of pictures of beautiful looking bujo's. Part of the way you can make your bullet journal look super pretty is by changing up the date headers on your pages. I usually try a different style every week which keeps my bullet journal looking different and interesting.

That's the thing I love the most about bullet journals: the ability to customise it however you want and make it as pretty or as minimalistic depending on how you're feeling. Lately I've been super busy and my bullet journal has been a bit neglected on the creative side, but I always try to do an interesting header for the date of my daily log.

I came up with some tutorials to help you draw banners and ribbons for your headers, as it's super easy once you know how to do it!

Tutorials for headers and banners

Bullet Journal Banner Inspiration and Tutorials |
Bullet Journal Ribbon Inspiration and Tutorials |
Bullet Journal Header Inspiration and Tutorials |

These tutorials will hopefully help you to draw some banners and to change up your daily logging pages, or any page in your bullet journal! In case you're after some more inspiration on little illustrations you can do to make it look pretty, here's some inspiration:

Bullet Journal Header Inspiration and Tutorials |

Do you like the creative side of bullet journalling? Or do you prefer the minimalistic approach?

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