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Career: How To Impress Employers With Your Social Media

Career: How to impress employers with your social media | www.hannahemilylane.com
We all know that if we're looking for a job, we should make our Facebook profile private to hide those embarrassing drunk photos from your night out last week.

Job hunting is no easy thing and if your social media is letting you down then you're shooting yourself in the foot.

I've always been aware of the fact it's important to portray your best self on social media, but it really hit home the other day when I spent some time in the recruitment centre at my internship. I witnessed the recruitment process from start to finish. Obviously it will vary from company to company, even person to person, but according to this article, 93 percent of hiring managers will review an applicant’s social media profile before taking the next step. At my work, the next thing they do after reading their application is search your name to find your social media.

You don't need me to tell you that it's so important to sort out your social media, but you might not know how. So with advice I've picked up online as well as first hand experience, I'm going to help you out, so you can stand the best chance when it comes to landing that job!

Career: How to impress employers with your social media | www.hannahemilylane.com

How to impress employers with your social media

Show awareness in your industry

Follow leading businesses or figures in your industry, keep up to date with news, share interesting articles and offer insightful comments. This knowledge and interest will really impress employers and show that you're passionate about your career. 

Communication skills

Social media is all about communicating. You can tell a lot about how someone communicates with other people through their social media: whether they don’t engage at all, whether they are constantly picking arguments or involved in drama, whether they are friendly. Your spelling and grammar could also be considered (in fact, almost 66% of hiring managers said they would hold poor spelling and grammar against candidates). You might put communication skills down on your CV, but so does almost everyone else. Your social media profiles can PROVE it.

Insight into your daily life

Your social media doesn’t have to be completely job-focused, share glimpses into what you do in your free time too. Show off your personality and who you are. Just perhaps keep those photos of you passed out on the bathroom floor on private.

Highlight other skills

Depending on the industry you’re looking at entering, your social media can help to prove some of those skills for you. For example in Marketing, social media plays a large role. If you can prove you can engage with your audience and show understanding of how to use it (for example using hashtags) then you’ll be giving yourself some brownie points.

Make sure your facts align with your CV

Simple one but if you have different timelines of education or job history on your CV to your social media, employers may be suspicious. Make sure these match up!

Don’t hide

You may think it would be easier to just set all your profiles to private with difficult to search for names, but this could also be seen badly. What young person isn’t on at least 1 social media platform nowadays? I can tell you from my (very little) experience that you’re not safe from judgement because they can’t find you on Facebook. Employers can get to know you a bit more through looking at your social media, and this is likely to make a more lasting impression. It’s your chance to really show off your personality that just doesn’t always come across on your CV, so don’t waste it.
According to a 2015 survey from CareerBuilder of more than 2,000 employers, “35-percent of employers say they are less likely to interview job candidates if they are unable to find information about that person online.”(source)

Your social media is a valuable tool in job hunting. Employers are able find you on social media, especially the likes of LinkedIn, so it’s definitely worth being active on it, as you never know when someone might reach out to you. Also you can find jobs through job adverts on social media, following companies you’re targeting (some big companies even have dedicated career accounts) and following job websites and other accounts to make sure you don’t miss out.

Has social media ever had an impact on your job hunt? Will you be fixing up your social media now?

Hannah Lane
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Finding a job nowadays isn't easy, don't let your social media hold you back. Here's how to impress employers with your social media, so you can land a job | www.hannahemilylane.com

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