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How To Stay Motivated With Your Bullet Journal

How To Stay Motivated With Your Bullet Journal |
Bullet journals have taken the blogging world by a bit of a storm. I’ve been using mine since the beginning of March and it’s been (without sounding dramatic) life changing. I forgot how much I missed using a physical pen and paper method of organising and I feel much less stressed since using it!

But there has been a couple of weeks where I just couldn’t be bothered to brush the dust off (it gets so dusty in Germany it’s so crazy and I don’t understand) and carry on using it. I’m sure I’m not the only one to have felt like that. If you’re losing some motivation to keep bullet journalling, here are some tips you can try to reignite that love for it:

My bullet journal has been life changing in terms of organising my life, but there's times when I just couldn't be bothered to use it. If you're losing motivation to carry on bullet journalling, this post will help you get your bujo-mojo back |

Stop overcomplicating it

Bullet journalling should never be a chore. If you’re using it to track every single little bit of your day from how much water you drank or what you ate to whether you instagrammed or how many pages you read or even the weather, it’s going to become time consuming and you might want to stop using your bullet journal altogether.

Cut back to only the important things. Remind yourself that a bullet journal is built around the daily log. It doesn’t need to have a million purposes. It doesn’t need to look super fancy and arty. It should be practical and you should want to use it.

Make it your only method of organising

If you’re losing motivation with your bullet journal, it might be because you’re still using other ways to organise your life, and your bullet journal is just an additional aspect. Make it your MAIN method.

I’ve once or twice caught myself adding stuff to the reminders on my phone when my bullet journal is literally right in front of me, which is ridiculous. When your bullet journal is your source of all organising, you will definitely want to use it more.

Notice what’s working and what isn’t

If your bullet journal just isn’t really working for you, ask yourself why? Is it because there’s too much in it, is it because there’s not enough? Is it the fact you can’t find your current daily log quickly, or you’re endlessly flicking for your monthly view.

Once you know what is and isn’t working for you, what you enjoy doing with it and what is putting you off using it, you can change that up. Try using a different index system, a paperclip or bulldog clip for today’s page, reducing the amount of pages to only the necessary ones, stop spending too much time making it look pretty, start spending more time making it look creative. The beauty of a bullet journal is that it’s so flexible that you can make it work for YOU.

Add some fun to it

For me, I love adding banners and some colour and doodles to liven it up. I’m a creative person though and this is another little outlet for me to express my creativity. I love adding quotes and lists too. Moving away from the minimalism might not make you more motivated with it for some people, but for others it may add that new lease of life into your bullet journal and inspire you to use it more.

Stop comparing it to others

This is easy to do but if you're not an artist, like most of us aren't, it can be demotivating. There's so many envy-inducing bullet journals out there, but yours doesn't have to look like those for it to be useful to you. Don't worry about yours having mistakes and scribbling in it and don't worry about having messy handwriting or being able to draw a banner (though if you're struggling, you could try this post), your bullet journal is yours, and only yours. Make it yours.

Have you ever struggled with motivation for using your bullet journal? Do you have any tips?

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