Sunday, 22 May 2016

My Week #2

My week #2 |
Last week's weekly catchup went down pretty well, and I really enjoyed writing it, so here we are again for another week!

This week has been tough. It shouldn't have been, it was a public holiday here in Germany on Monday so I had a short week at work, I had lots of work to do to keep me busy but not stress me out too much and I had an exciting delivery from Boots.

But you know, it was just one of those weeks, when you feel a bit crappy and you can't place your finger exactly on it.

So I'm looking forward to the start of next week to pick myself back up and start afresh.

Here's another little look into my life the past week:

My week #2 |
My week #2 |

Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

My bullet journal week was quite creative. Despite feeling a bit down, my creativity certainly was still there. I love drawing things and writing quotes and lists and all sorts and it makes me feel relaxed. I tried a new layout this week and I really like it. I actually prefer using the blank pages in my notebook instead of the squared ones as it feels less restrictive.

My week #2 |


I'm loving the off the shoulder look! I wasn't sure if it would really suit me, I have bony shoulders :(. But even if it doesn't suit me, I love it anyway!

My week #2 |

What I've Been Reading

Last week I mentioned I was reading The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins. I finished it, just as my train pulled into Heidelberg - absolutely perfectly timed, and it was so, so good. If I start reading a book when the film is coming out, then I will do absolutely everything NOT to watch the trailer. And then watch it immediately after I've finished. I like picturing the characters in my mind and not the actors portraying them in the film. The trailer looks really good, though I feel like they've given quite a lot away, so I'm looking forward to seeing the film adaption of it. The book is definitely, definitely worth a read. It's really well written, and though I guessed the twist correctly, it wasn't obvious or too predictable. 

I've just started reading Me Before You by Jojo Moyes, and I'm really enjoying it so far too. I'm pretty obssessed with reading lately. Any book recommendations, send them my way!

My week #2 |

News With Me

Last Sunday I went back to Mannheim for the day to see friends and it was so strange being back! Frankfurt and Mannheim have a very different vibe and I've had a very different experience of both cities. Mannheim's not large and I'd often bump into people I know. As we walked out of the station, I was saying this to Tom when I got a tap on my shoulder and was greeted by someone I'd met before (on my first day in Mannheim, in exactly the same place!) In Frankfurt, I know fewer people and it's much larger. The people I do know don't really live in the city (as I work outside of the city) and so it's unlikely I'd bump into them. I feel much more anonymous here in a way.

So being back in Mannheim was odd at first, it kind of feels like a second home in Germany though and I had a really nice day drinking wine and catching up with friends, and then going bowling and demonstrating how really bloody difficult it is to bowl when you've been drinking wine. 

Next weekend I'm back on a train off to Freiburg for the weekend with friends which will be super fun. Last time I was in Freiburg, there was a torrential downpour all day so we spent most of the day just finding shelter and trying to stay dry. From what we saw, it looked like a beautiful little city so I'm excited to see it again!

In non-travel related news, and if you don't follow me on Twitter, MY HAIR DYE ARRIVED YAY. Hello white blonde hair! If anyone's interested on a blog post on this process (from very dark hair to white blonde), let me know!

Blog posts on Hannah Emily Lane this week: 

I hope you've all had a lovely week! Have you been up to anything exciting? 

Hannah Lane

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