Saturday, 14 May 2016

The 7 Day Nature Photography Challenge, Sort Of...

Last week the lovely Gwennan from 20SomethingMeltdown nominated me in a photography challenge - the 7 Day Nature Photography Challenge, to be precise. I recently did a 7 day landscape challenge on my personal Facebook page so I guess this will be fairly similar, but I don't think there's that much overlap of friends I have on Facebook and my blog readers. 

As I already have other stuff planned for the next 7 days and I don't want to spam everyone, I'm just going to post all 7 photos in 1 post. I've also cheated because the idea of the challenge is to share a photo you've taken on the day. I really wanted to do this, but it's been a bit grey this week, I've been super busy and stressed and just wanted to crash after work, and I live in a city - though there is some super pretty blossom trees dotted around. I didn't want to post 7 days of trees though. And the only wildlife I see are mice/rats in the tube stations in the morning. Should I even be doing this challenge?

Enough of my rambling, here are the 7 photos I have chosen:

The sea is one of my favourite things and I love going to the coast whether it's summer or winter. The sea in bad weather seems to just come to life, like it has a soul of it's own.
Nature photography challenge | The sea |

Beautiful, blue seas are just as enchanting as angry, grey seas. The Almafi Coast is one of the prettiest places I've ever been, and I couldn't not include a photo of the beautiful landscape and coastline.
Nature photography challenge | Almafi Coast |

When I was picking photos for this challenge, I kept redefining the word nature haha. Previously I was thinking of cute wildlife and pretty flowers, but 'nature' is more than that. Though I am super scared of fire and things burning, I find it kinda mesmerising too. It's the destructive side of nature.
Nature photography challenge | Fire |

Another dark, destructive part of nature. And one of the most difficult things to photograph ever!! One day I will get a better shot, but I'm still proud of this one!
Nature photography challenge | Lightning |

From angry nature, to the most calm and peaceful place. Snow in the countryside, it just makes everything seem so quiet and beautiful. The Black Forest in Germany was one of my favourite trips and when it snowed, the surroundings were transformed into an amazing winter wonderland.
Nature photography challenge | Schwarzwald |

There's some wonderful bits of nature that only a photo can capture. Taking photos of water drops was so much fun, as each tiny drop makes a different splash, it's so quick (and difficult to snap!) and something you couldn't witness and appreciate without the help of a camera.
Nature photography challenge | Water drop |

And a fun photo for my final one! I thought I needed an animal in the mix, I love giraffe's and this photo always makes me smile.
Nature photography challenge | Giraffe |

Thank you so so much to Gwennan for nominating me. I love an excuse to have a hunt through my old photos (I'm nearing 80,000 so it's not something I like to do too often - any photo organising tips throw them my way).

As part of the challenge, you're supposed to nominate 7 other people! So the people I nominate to participate in this challenge are *drum roll please*...

Hailey on HaileyJaydeRyan- because I loved her photos of Bonn in a recent post and would love to see more
Becky on Bkyrouncefield - because Becky is so creative and always takes such nice photos
Mel on Melberry - because I'd love to see some of her photos from her adventures
Franzi on Franzizzy- because she's one of my best blogging buddies!
Jamie on Jamie T Symth Blog - because he has a photography blog, and this will give him an excuse to take some more photos!
Emily on Emily Claire Writes - as she's from near my home place so might have some photos of the beautiful countryside there, and she's such a lovely girl
Kat on Mouse Chick - because I love her travel posts and adventures

Can't wait to see your photos guys!

Hannah Lane

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