Wednesday, 1 June 2016

25 Thoughts I Have On My Morning Commute

Fun fact: I actually wrote this on my morning commute.

My commute to my internship takes about an hour. Normally it goes quite quickly, I usually plug my head phones in and get my kindle out and just block the outside world out. I'm a sociable one. But I recently finished 'Me Before You' and it has ruined my emotions and I just can't face reading another book at the minute. So this killed some time on my commute this morning:

  1. I thought coffee is supposed to wake you up?
  2. Why is this woman staring at me on the train? Do I have something on my face?
  3. Do I still have toothpaste around my mouth?
  4. I need to start eating a proper breakfast
  5. Why is this train late, again???
  6. Did I shut the bedroom window?
  7. How do some people always just look so put together and I look like I've been hauled out bed, fell into my makeup bag, and I probably have my top on inside out
  8. Mornings suck
  9. Is it Wednesday already? Did we skip a day or?
  10. How much coffee is too much.
  11. After work I'm going to go for a run, cook a healthy meal, clean the whole flat, give myself a manicure, schedule 4 blog posts, get into bed and read and be zen
  12. Who am I kidding here? That never happens.
  13. I wonder how busy work will be today
  14. Did I reply to that email??
  15. Someone smells of BO and I'm fairly sure it's not me
  16. I'll just try to do that little, discreet sniff check. Nope, not me. Phew.
  17. We're all kind of soulless on this train. No one looks even the tiniest bit happy
  18. We're all just living for the weekends
  19. I feel comforted by the silent solidarity
  20. Should I wake this woman up next to me who's asleep and keeps falling on my shoulder
  21. Can train drivers get speeding tickets?
  22. Can pilots?
  23. Why have I still not got data on my phone to google these pressing questions...
  24. Out of all the fields, this one is my favourite.
  25. Of course I'm one stop away and it's started raining, of course.

Do you have a long commute? What thoughts usually go through your mind?

Hannah Lane

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