Tuesday, 14 June 2016

5 Things I Don't Regret


I've made a lot of mistakes in my life. We all have. It's how we learn and grow as a person. Sometimes risks pay off and sometimes they don't. 

I'm a strong believer of never regretting anything in life, but naturally there are things you will regret, like drinking one too many cocktails at a work do or being a bit too ambitious on the monkey bars when you're younger and breaking your arm shortly before a family holiday. Neither of which happened to me, nope, not me. 

But yes, regret is a natural feeling and we are bound to regret one thing or another, big or small. But we shouldn't regret these things with a bad feeling, but with a haha-why-did-i-do-that feeling. We should look back on our mistakes with a more positive way of thinking. Yes, the things that happened might have been bad, but whether it was our decision or not, that was the path life took for us. We have to accept that and learn from it and look towards the future.

Wow this is all very deep for me, can you tell what time of the day I'm writing this? Yep it's late, and it's pouring outside and the rain is hitting the skylight in a very therapeutic way. It's encouraging all this deep thinking. 

Here's 5 things that I won't ever regret:

1. Hanging around with the wrong people

For a long time at school, I spent my time with a group of girls that even at the time I think I knew weren't proper friends. They knocked my confidence a lot when at that period of my life I would have benefitted so much from having a solid, supportive group of great friends. These girls were bitchy, unambitious, and just generally not healthy to be around. Though I wish I would have broken my ties with them and found better friends much sooner than I did, I won't regret not doing that. I've learned, even if it was the hard way, that being around toxic people doesn't help you in any way, and I won't waste my time on people like that ever again. 


2. Dying my hair

My mum always said I'd regret dying my hair so much, but I'm still not regretting it yet! I loved dying my hair as a teenager and it was one of the things that made me stand out a little at school, as I always had bright and colourful hair. It was my one way to express myself and I took pride in being a little different. Recently I've stuck more to natural colours but I still love changing it up! And even if sometimes it did look a bit odd and probably didn't suit me, we live and learn and I still have hair on my head.

3. Taking a risk with relationships

A couple of years ago I ended a relationship of around 4 years. The thing was, there was nothing blatantly wrong with our relationship, but as time went by I realised there wasn't much right either. We were great friends and we got on well, but we were growing apart as people. And I think that's to be expected when you've been with someone since you were 14/15 years old and one of you moves to go to university and the other doesn't. We were becoming different people with different visions, though it was still scary to break up with someone who has been a big part of your life for so long! I then ended up in a relationship with Tom which has been thoroughly amazing, and I feel so lucky to be with him every single day. Even though it was so tough, I don't regret ending that relationship. 


4. Taking way too many photos

My family always commented on me taking photos all the time, but I love looking back at them now. Sure my laptop has completely ran out of memory and I've got the fun task of archiving thousands off ahead of me, but those photos will always remind me of special memories and I'm so glad I took a second out of the moment to capture it. 

5. Starting a blog

Though you always have that hope when you start out that your blog will have people read it, I never expected it. I'm so thankful for that day I clicked 'Create a blog' and typed out my first (very-cringey) post. Blogging has been such an adventure and learning curve, and even though it's been hard work and I sometimes wish I wasn't involved in blogging at all, it's taught me so many skills and boosted my confidence. I've found a passion I didn't know I had and I've met so many amazing people through the blogging community. I will never regret all the hours I've spent building up my little space on the internet! 

Can you relate to any of these? What things will you never regret?

Hannah Lane

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