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Alternatives To Bullet Journalling

Alternatives To Bullet Journalling |
If you're a reader of my blog, you will know I'm a huge bullet journal fan. I am so in love with it and it has kept me super, super organised. I feel like all's right in the world when my bullet journal is on my desk and up to date.

However, you may not know that I actually tried bullet journalling about a year ago and gave up. I didn't think it was for me. Looking back I didn't fully understand the concept and there wasn't quite as many envy-inducing, beautiful bullet journal pictures and guides floating around then.

I've tried so many ways of organising my life and though I think bullet journalling is my favourite, it may not work for others. If you're not a bullet journal fan then some of these suggestions might be better alternatives.

Bullet journals have took the blogging and Pinterest world by storm, but they may not be suited to you and that's perfectly OK. If you think that a bullet journal just isn't your organisational partner in crime, here are some other things you can try:

For those people who want to stay organised but can't get on with a bullet journal, here's some suggestions! |

Evernote or OneNote

I've used both for a long time and I still use OneNote. They're notebook type apps where you can sort your notes into different notebooks and then have separate pages in them. I really liked Evernote (there's a web app, desktop app and mobile app) and used it for school work and personal stuff, then I ran out of storage because I uploaded all my lecture slides so thought I'd give OneNote a go, and I just ended up sticking with that. If you don't have Office I'd recommend giving Evernote a go for storing your lists, plans, brain dumps, bookmarks, anything really! The only thing lacking for both of these is a calendar.


There are SO many apps for organising your life out there. One that I always used a lot in school was iStudiez, but just the standard Apple apps have always came in handy. I use the Calendar, Reminders and Notes apps across my iPhone and MacBook which are synced with my Google account. I do add things to them if or for when I don't have my bullet journal; they're not my main method of organising but if I preferred technology to pen and paper they could well be. Other apps worth mentioning are 24me, Wanderlist,  Any.Do and 30/30


If you still want some physical, paper form of organising, a Filofax can be similar to a bullet journal but slightly more structured. You can add different inserts to customise it and use it to record all the things you might want to record in a bullet journal. I used a Filofax for a good two or three years but the main reason I switched to a bullet journal was because I left it in England/ bullet journals are even more flexible and customisable. Sometimes I have busy weeks where I need more space, sometimes I have days where I have nothing on and I always felt bad leaving these days blank in a Filofax. However if you prefer more structure and templates for week views premade then a Filofax system may suit you more.


If you're still after a pen and paper way of organising, but are not fussed at all about flexibility or customisation as long as there's dated pages, then a standard planner may be all you need. You can buy these almost anywhere so you're bound to find one you like somewhere. A perfectly practical way of organising your life, though perhaps not that useful for keeping lots of notes and lists and trackers and all these other things you could add to a bullet journal.

How do you organise your life? Are you a bullet journal fan or not?


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