Thursday, 9 June 2016

My Interrailing Wishlist

Interrailing Wishlist
You know when you're just really excited for a holiday and you spend every spare moment gazing at clothes websites and trying to justify buying more things you will only wear for that fortnight and then will shove them to the back of the wardrobe until you clear it out for a car boot sale in a few years time? Definitely never done that. Not me. Nope.

Anyway, now I have a blog I can at least call my holiday shopping wishlist-making productive because I can make a blog post out of it. I'm not going on a usual beachy holiday this year, I'm going interrailing and I will have to carry everything I take with me in a rucksack. I'm small. I can't carry much so I know I'll have to pack light. Therefore the things I am taking I want to absolutely love and want to wear multiple times.

So here's my current interrailing wishlist, which includes pieces that will help me pack light or might need and some clothes that I can mix up yet still look slightly put together!

Compression Bags || Straw Hat || Fringe Sandals || Nike Trainers || Travel Towel || Dry Shampoo || Embroided top || Black Shorts || Pink Chambray Shirt || Blue Shorts || Swimsuit || Striped bardot top || Khaki Cardigan ||  Bag || T Shirt Multipack

The compression bags and travel towel are mostly for space-saving purposes. I can't physically carry a large rucksack so these will come in super handy to make sure I can still fit in everything I'll need. I'm planning on taking two pairs of shoes - one pair for when we'll be doing lots of walking (the Nike trainers) and a pair of pretty sandals for a night out or when I want to feel a little dressier. 

Dry shampoo is a must, because there will be the odd overnight train journey and this will keep my hair looking OK! I really want to take a sun hat, as we're travelling in July/August and this will just help to keep the sun off my face when it's really hot (and cover up the bad hair days)!  

The embroided top is SO pretty, I'm loving this off the shoulder trend and I think this would look lovely with some denim shorts or those black ones, which look lightweight and are super pretty. The blue ones also look lightweight and comfy for lots of travelling and walking. 

I am in love with the swimsuit, it would look so nice with a tan! I'm quite comfortable with my body but I have a blemish on my stomach that I can get quite self conscious about - this swimming costume is the perfect balance between showing off a bit of skin but not too much! 

The pink chambray shirt would be perfect for the cooler days or as a cover up, the pink is a bit different and would add a bit of colour to my usual monochrome wardrobe. Another off the shoulder top which is stripey, need I say more? I also included a cardigan for the cooler nights, a bucket bag for during the day to carry my camera and other things, and a few plain t shirts to to mix and match for outfits! 

Are you going on holiday this summer? Are you guilty of lots of pre-holiday purchases too?

Hannah Lane

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