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10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

10 Thing You Might Not Know About Me
I love getting to know the person sitting the other side of the screen writing a blog so I love reading these sort of posts where you can learn more about a blogger and their personality. In a post about What every blog should have, I said that blogs should include an about me page, so I can learn a bit about you. I find knowing a bit more about the person behind a blog makes it more relatable and believable.

I've previously done an A-Z post with little facts about me and I've recently started blogging a little catch up every week, but this is for those people who might like to know even more about me. So here's a roundup of 10 things I thought you might not know about me, even if you know me in real life!

1. I'm 5 Subway subs long

Plus an extra inch. I'm 5'1". I'm short, or as my mum would say 'petite'. I would be perfectly OK with my height but people like to point it out much more often than necessary. Like omg I never realised that the growth spurt, that everyone else had, skipped me. And if only clothes stores stocked petite ranges better. 

2. I'm always carrying a camera

Maybe even more than one. Ever since I got my first digital camera, I've always had one with me. I take photos of everythingggg. Yes I'm that girl taking photos of a meal before I eat it, but I'm also taking photos of the everyday things which others don't think of, and go AWWWWW when I show them in a few years time. 

3. I'm introverted and quiet, not rude

This is a constant worry of mine and one that I think all quiet people can relate to. Just because I don't talk much, doesn't mean I'm being rude or I'm disinterested. Sometimes I just like to sit back and listen in group conversations and if I have something to contribute then I will. I also don't feel the need for constant conversation so I'm not being unfriendly if we sit in silence now and then, I still appreciate your company.

4. I want tattoos

Everyone seems surprised when I say this, and I'm not sure if it's because of the opinion they hold of me or because I'm downright petrified of needles or anything in that category. When I went with a friend to get his half sleeve, I was the one on the verge of fainting. But I really, really like tattoos, and I'm hoping one day I can pluck up the courage to get some.

5. I'm very much a dog person

I apologise to all cats out there, but I would rather own a dog. It might have something to do with being scratched by cats or by my uncle getting his skin shredded to the bone on his hand and pretty nastily on his back by a demented cat, but they scare me. We have 4 dogs at home, and I love how they are alwaaaays excited to see you and go on a walk and be petted and never seem to sulk like cats do. They also poo outside.

6. I don't like makeup

Omg, I'm a girl, and I don't like makeup?! Yeah, these girls do exist. I can't stand it. I do wear it every day, I wish I had the confidence not to but I don't. I don't wear much admittedly, but I get no enjoyment from putting it on in the morning and detest having to remove it at night. I also don't own  a single lipstick or eye shadow palette (please don't maim me)

7. I like gaming

Omg, I'm a girl, and I like gaming?! Haha. I'm no hardcore gamer, but I do regularly get my 3DS out or steal the controller for the PS4 from my boyfriend. My all time fav game has to be Animal Crossing. I have spent a ridiculous number of hours chatting to animals and catching fish #noshame

8. Ich kann Deutsch

Momentan wohne ich in Deutschland und mach ein Praktikum bei einer Marketing Firma - es gefällt mir sehr! Ich lerne die deutsche Sprache seit 8 (fast 9) Jahren! Wenn du auch Deutsch kannst, sag mir Bescheid ;) ich würde gerne mit dir üben.

9. I'm extremely determined and ambitious

Most people who know me in real life know this about me, but I am so determined with life. I constantly question whether I'm doing enough, even when I don't have enough hours in the day to do anymore. I have the typical Type A personality, and I love when my hard work pays off! Though I will literally work myself into the ground with the stress I put on myself, but I am learning to turn off sometimes.

10. I don't eat fish or seafood. 

I never have. And I never intend to. I'm basically the opposite of a pescetarian but there's no name for it! So many people get confused when I say I don't eat fish but I eat meat, though I am seriously trying to cut down on the amount of meat I eat.

Tell me something I might not know about you in the comments! 

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