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The Best Ways Of Saving Money When You're Travelling

The Best Ways Of Saving Money When You're Travelling
Travelling doesn't have to drain your bank account.

I'm by no means rich, I'm living on a student budget and trying to save as much as I can for next year when my student loan won't even cover my rent (thanks very much Leamington housing market and Student Loans Company...) but I still love to travel as much as I can.

Having been based in Germany certainly helped to keep the costs down, but now I've moved back to the UK I will definitely be using some of these tips I've picked up for my next trips away so I can still afford to travel.

1. Eating Out

I'm not a massive foodie person, though I do love a good meal and sampling the cuisine. However, this is also a good way to plough through your holiday money. To keep costs down, I find eating out at lunchtime cheaper and grabbing something smaller later (like some picnic stuff from a supermarket, or something easy to cook in accommodation if you have that option, or food from a street vendor) the best. I really enjoy a picnic in a park when I'm away, soaking up the atmosphere and people watching with a bottle of wine, french stick, cheese, cold meats and fresh fruits. Literally, the best...

Also avoid restaurants and cafes in the main squares or right next to tourist attractions. You'll be paying twice as much. Have a look online for good areas to eat before you leave or have some restaurants in mind. Your bank account will thank you later.

2. Alcohol

I also love a good cocktail. Call me basic, but there's definitely something nice about having a cocktail from a rooftop bar. But my bank doesn't agree. I don't drink much alcohol, probably to do with my extreme light-weightedness, but if you don't drink out as often, especially in restaurants, you'll save yourself a huge amount of money.

The Best Ways Of Saving Money When You're Travelling

3. Look out for free things to do

Most cities will offer free or cheap walking tours which is always a great activity to do to get to know the city and gain some useful tips. Do some research beforehand of best things to do in the city that don't break the bank - there are usually some cheaper museums, historical buildings, or parks and gardens to see. Just avoid zoos.

4. Souvenirs

Do you know what I've discovered? Most places sell the same tacky souvenir crap. Don't fall into the trap. If the souvenir is for you, I'd recommend collecting cheap things like postcards or even beer mats. If you really must get your friends and family back home little gifts, buy carefully. A lot of the cheap tack that souvenir shops sell is really poor quality and could end up being a total waste of money.

5. Use public transport

This can be quite difficult to work out at first, but once you've mastered it you'll be flying* around the city. It will save you SO much in comparison with taxis and you'll be able to see a lot more of where you're visiting. Save a map of the tube map or bus routes to your phone and look out for 1-day, 3-day type tickets where if you'll be doing lots of trips you'll be saving so much money.

*travelling by train

What are your top tips for saving money when you go away?

Hannah Lane

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