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Why Is Bullet Journalling So Popular

Why is bullet journalling so popular |

Bullet Journalling has been around for quite a while, but it has massively grown in popularity in the last few months. It’s most likely just a trend, and I can imagine the ‘hype’ will die down as quick as it started, but a lot of people have discovered an organisation and planning system that actually works for them and that’s great.

I’ve seen a lot of people criticise the system but then follow up with ‘I don’t understand it’ which somewhat baffles me, but then I guess this happens a lot in other things too (#Brexit). But it got me thinking about WHY bullet journalling has become so popular. Sure, the blogging community has got behind it which always helps, but it’s become a life saver for a lot of people.

Here are my theories:

Why is bullet journalling so popular |

It’s logical

For me, a bullet journal makes sense. Ok on my phone I can store my notes, my to dos, my reminders, my appointments or meetings, and whatever else. But with my bullet journal, it is all on one page. This helps me plan my day so much better and makes the chance of forgetting something a whole lot less likely.

It’s customisable

The thing that appeals to a lot of people who bullet journal is that it is completely flexible. You can add pages (or ‘collections') to your bullet journal to log anything. You can find a weekly layout that suits your lifestyle. You can decorate your pages if you want to or you can only write the absolutely necessary stuff down. If you need more room for a daily log, you’re not restricted. For me, the fact I can have my bullet journal in a way that works for me is my favourite aspect of it.
Why is bullet journalling so popular |

Rapid logging is the way forward

I love the rapid logging system and the key. Crossing things off a to do list is so satisfying and if you don’t complete a task one day, you can ‘migrate’ it to the next day meaning no box gets left unchecked. Ultimate satisfaction.

Pen and paper

It’s been proven that if you write something down you are less likely to forget it. Well with a bullet journal, you’re writing everything down. You can add something to an app on your phone and unless you check it every day you may forget you ever did that. I also think with the rise of technology, some people quite like to go back to basics and put pen to page. It’s somewhat therapeutic.

Why do you love bullet journalling? Or if you don't have one, are you tempted to start one?

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Bullet journals have taken the world by storm. But why are they so popular? |

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