Wednesday, 14 September 2016

5 Things I'm Loving Right Now
I haven’t written a chatty post for what seems like ages, even though they are some of my favourite posts to write. How are we all?

Ever since I moved back from Germany, I feel like my life is in fast forward. I’ve hardly been able to grab more than a few hours at a time to myself. Right now I’m sitting in bed with an empty house, my iPod in listening to Death Cab for Cutie, fairy lights on and a cup of coffee on the desk next to me.

I moved back to Leamington Spa into my new student house just over a week ago and I’ve been settling in here. We have no wifi yet, but the house itself is great. It’s easily the best student accommodation I’ve had yet, it feels super homely and is actually decorated alright!

I also started working again last week so I’ve had that keeping me busy. I’m working in the same store I worked in during my second year of uni, and it’s strange being back - it feels like a lot has changed yet nothing has changed simultaneously. But it’s a great place to work so I’m happy I could go back!

Before I ramble too much, here’s 5 things I’ve been loving recently:

1. Hammam Havlu Towel

Is it a towel? Is it a blanket? It’s great either way though. We were kindly gifted some for our Bloggers Picnic in the Park in August and they were perfect as picnic rugs. The cute patterns and colours were a perfect match and the blue one I got to take home is beautiful. I wish I had heard about these or had one before interrailing as they would have been perfect to take with me instead of my travel towel. They’re super absorbent, fold up small, and are soft enough to use as a blanket as well. They’re fairly priced too and would make a perfect gift, you can view their range here.

2. London

Before moving back to Leamington, I went away for a week with Tom and his parents. We took their boat up the Thames into London, and docked at West India Docks in Canary Wharf. It was so nice to spend a few days in London and tick off a few of the things I’d been wanting to do there. I love London so much and I’m going to focus my job hunting on London. I adore the busyness of the city and the cute streets and walking along the Thames. I’m aware that living in London is very different to spending a few days visiting, but it’s somewhere I’ve just always pictured myself living, and I just want to make it happen.

3. Irresistible Me Silky Touch Hair Extensions

I wrote a post last week about these beautiful real hair extensions last week but I just want to give them another little mention as I have been loving wearing these. I’m perfecting blending them into my hair and I’ve tried out a couple of braided hairstyles that look so pretty. My hair was only about an inch shorter than these when I got it cut, but because it was so broken off at the ends it felt so much thinner, so it’s nice having long ‘healthy’ hair that looks really thick. If you want to read my more in depth review, click here.

4. People

I’m feeling really lucky at the moment to have some great people in my life. I loved spending some time at home this summer, catching up with family I don’t get to see often enough as well as being with my immediate family and the doggies of course. Tom has been an absolute rock in my life especially the last couple of years. It’s coming up to two years together and we’re closer and stronger than ever - I am so thankful for him every single day. I’m also feeling very lucky to have found a group of blogging girls that I feel like have been my friends for years. Sarah, Gwennan, Mel, Effi and Nina, the fellow picnic organisers, make me laugh literally everyday on our group chat and I can’t wait for our next meet up.

5. Hygge

If you haven’t heard of Hygge, where have you been? Nah I’m just kidding. It’s a Danish concept that is very much part of their lifestyle there, but the term has only just made it across to Britain. Now from someone who doesn’t normally enjoy the colder months, learning about this way of living has totally changed my attitude towards Winter. I’m actually looking forward to the cooler days, rainy evenings, curling up under a blanket with candles burning and just feeling cosy. You can read my post all about Hygge here.

I’m also excited to start back at university for my final year! I hope you guys have all had a great summer and are looking forward to the rest of the year.

What have you been loving?

Hannah Lane

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