Saturday, 17 September 2016

Postcard from Berlin - Interrailing Part 2

Postcard from Berlin - Interrailing Part 2 |
In my second post about my interrailing adventure, I’m sharing some pictures about Berlin. If you haven’t already read my first post, A Postcard From Amsterdam, you can go read that here.

Berlin was our second planned city on our route through Europe and though I’ve already done a post on Berlin from a trip last year, I’m excited to share some photos from this visit.

Leaving Amsterdam at 7pm on a Friday, we arrived at the train station in plenty of time as we wanted to ensure we were getting the right train and with the Amsterdam to Berlin train, the train will divide into two so you need to make sure you board the right half.

Our connecting train was in Cologne and we had around an hour between trains, so we sat (on the floor - book seats on popular trains guys) and relaxed. But not for long.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

5 Things I'm Loving Right Now
I haven’t written a chatty post for what seems like ages, even though they are some of my favourite posts to write. How are we all?

Ever since I moved back from Germany, I feel like my life is in fast forward. I’ve hardly been able to grab more than a few hours at a time to myself. Right now I’m sitting in bed with an empty house, my iPod in listening to Death Cab for Cutie, fairy lights on and a cup of coffee on the desk next to me.

I moved back to Leamington Spa into my new student house just over a week ago and I’ve been settling in here. We have no wifi yet, but the house itself is great. It’s easily the best student accommodation I’ve had yet, it feels super homely and is actually decorated alright!

I also started working again last week so I’ve had that keeping me busy. I’m working in the same store I worked in during my second year of uni, and it’s strange being back - it feels like a lot has changed yet nothing has changed simultaneously. But it’s a great place to work so I’m happy I could go back!

Before I ramble too much, here’s 5 things I’ve been loving recently:

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Strawberry Cheesecake Oreo Cupcakes Recipe

Strawberry Cheesecake Oreo Cupcakes Recipe |
Anyone else get really into baking when Bake Off is back on or is that just me? That can’t be just me.

The other day I think I’ve made one of my best batch of cupcakes to date. My mum loved them and actually called them "expert", so they must have been good.

In case you’ve not already seen these in shops yet, Oreo have recently released a couple of new flavours, and omg, the strawberry cheesecakes one are to die for. We were kindly gifted a few packets for our Bloggers Picnic in the Park and I loved them, and when Oreo offered to send me more to try, there was no way I could turn them down.

Story time. Back in sixth form, we used to have ‘cake fridays’ where one person each week would bring in cakes for the lesson to help us get through the last day of the week. This happened in every lesson on a Friday so it was my turn to make cakes a few times. The most popular cakes I made were Oreo cupcakes, yet I haven’t baked them again since.

So when packets of Strawberry Cheesecake Oreos turn up at your door and you’ve been watching too much Bake Off (ps, go watch Bake Off funniest moments on Youtube, you won’t regret it), THESE happened…

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

New Hair For Autumn & Irresistible Me Hair Extensions Review

Real hair extensions from Irresistible Me Review |
I am always changing my hair up. I’ve been dying it since I was 13 and I’ve had almost every colour of the rainbow, though it was mostly red through my teens.

In May I decided I hadn’t been blonde since I was a child, so I’d quite like to try the balayage trend out and bleach my hair blonde for summer. Being in Germany and not quite brave enough to go to the hairdressers there, I ordered some dye online and did it myself over the course of a month. In the words of my hairdresser, it was “brave”.

Also probably a bit stupid. Bleaching your hair does damage it, even if you don’t notice it straightaway because of the hair masks and what not. I haven’t had my hair cut in 2 years and it had gotten really long, but with constant dying and bleaching it wasn’t a healthy long.

I wanted a change so last week I went to my hairdressers and showed them a picture of a long bob.

Friday, 2 September 2016

Postcard From Amsterdam - Interrailing Part 1

Postcard From Amsterdam - Interrailing Part 1 |
I've been back from my travels for 2 weeks now and damn do I miss wandering around random streets in European cities or going for a swim in the beautiful Adriatic sea. Can I do it all again, please?

I promised anyone who asked that I would be posting about my trip on my blog and though I really want to share my trip, it's been somewhat overwhelming just how much I have to write about and photos I need to narrow down so I've been putting it off for a while, but I've finally sat down and looked through my little stack of memory cards and my travel journal.

Just in case you missed my post with my plans, I started my interrailing trip in Amsterdam, heading on to Berlin, Prague, Budapest, then a longer stay in Croatia, up to Slovenia and final stop in Vienna, which took around a month in total.

Before the trip, Amsterdam stood firmly at the top of my list of favourite cities. I love the buildings, the vibes, the people, the Amsterdam way of life in general. After the trip, it still stands there (though it is much more closely contested).