Monday, 27 February 2017

5 Things I'm Loving Right Now

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I haven't yet done one of these posts this year, and I love writing them, so I thought I’d fill you in on some of the things I’m currently obsessing over.

My life got a bit crazy recently when I had 3 deadlines all within a couple of weeks of each other, and stress hit me hard. I’ve also been pretty ill since the start of term with a horrible cold that I've only just managed to get over, so January wasn’t the best of months, but I still managed to find things that boosted my mood.

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1. Doc Martens

I’ve recently added a couple of pairs of Docs to my modest shoe collection and it may be hyperbole, but I feel like they’ve changed my life. I have a black fur lined pair and a stone coloured pair (pictured) and they go with everything, though they perfectly complement my style. Once I broke them in, I've never known shoes more comfortable than them, and I've worn them almost every day this winter. They aren't the cheapest but they're such an investment as they are rather indestructible and I would love to add another pair or two to my collection.

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2. 50mm prime lens

My dad bought me a new lens for Christmas and it is (I must be in a melodramatic mood today) life changing. Ha. But seriously, it takes such an incredible photo and has really helped me up my photography game.

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3. My new bookshelf

You know when you’re procrastinating from writing an essay and you end up buying furniture? No? Well, it can happen, trust me. I bought this bookshelf from IKEA and it was so cheap - around £15 and I love it, even if I did build it wrong. I suppose I can rule a few career paths out from this experience. I love arranging shelves and it now means I can display all my favourite things in a nice way. I didn’t realise some shelves could make me so content and make such a difference to my room. Featured on the shelves are notebooks (the black floral one is from Tiger - I love this new range of theirs), candles, flowers and cacti, speakers from Crosley, a Drop Dead bag and a painting of mine in a frame I also picked up from IKEA.

4. Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Palette

I rarely post about makeup on my blog - there's so many beauty bloggers out there who can talk about it far more eloquently and knowledgeably than I ever could - but I have to give this little palette a mention. I received this for Christmas and I love it. The whole thing is perfect: the packaging is beautiful, the mirror is amazing, and the shades are gorgeous. My favourite is the rusty red colour called 'extra bitter' and the warm grey colour 'magnet'. This eyeshadow palette is definitely the one I find I'm using the most and with every Urban Decay palette, the quality is amazing. Totally recommend this!

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5. The stars

I recently went home for a weekend and where I live there is so little light (rural life) and there was a perfect clear sky which meant I had the most incredible view of the stars. There’s a lot of light pollution in Leam and I rarely see the stars - it just never gets dark enough, I always miss seeing them. There’s something so amazing about seeing a sky full of them, and it was just beautiful. This photo doesn’t even do the view justice.

What are you currently loving?

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