Thursday, 6 April 2017

University Bucket List

University Bucket List -
I can’t quite believe how quickly time has gone. It barely seems like a year ago I was excited about going to uni, and now in less than 2 months, I will have walked out of my last exam and my education will be over. My degree, that I’ve put so much energy and time into for the last 4 years, will be finished.

I’m busy writing my final essay and revising for my exams, but I thought I’d put together a little bucket list of all the things that I’ve done at uni and still want to do, partly for me, partly for you guys. Whether you’ve been to university and you want to see how much you’ve ticked off, or you’re heading to university this year, I thought this might be fun to share.

University Bucket List -

1. Pull an allnighter before an essay deadline
2. Explore your uni’s town
3. Laugh at a flatmate who vommed on the first night out of freshers
4. Sack off studying for a night out, even though you know it’s the wrong decision
5. Pack way too much
6. Go to a careers fair and leave without any information or job offers, but an armful of free mugs and pens
7. Turn up to a seminar with the worst hangover of your life
8. Get an awesome mark you’re super proud of on an assignment you worked so hard on
9. Dye your hair a crazy colour
10. Utilise your student discount – probs more than necessary
11. Drink the dirty pint in Ring of Fire
12. Actually complete the reading list
13. Join a club or society and make a bunch of friends
14. Moan about paying for printing/rent/sports clubs fees/anything that isn’t alcohol
15. Not remember how you got home from a night out
16. Get a hug from your personal tutor at the end of your degree because they’ve been there through the highs and lows
17. Fall out with every flatmate at least once
18. Make the most of the long holidays
19. Learn how to adult, at least somewhat
20. Try a new sport
21. Raise money for charity
22. Turn up to a 9am looking like you’ve just rolled out of bed because you have
23. Make friends with an international student
24. Suffer from freshers flu
25. Go to one of your uni’s varsity games
26. Wake up after a night out not knowing where you are
27. Go on a weekend trip with friends
28. Buy a hoody with your uni’s name on
29. Feel at home at university

How many have you ticked off?

Hannah Lane

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