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Decorating On An Extremely Low Budget

Decorating on a extremely low budget tips |
Okay my graduation day is looming, but I'm technically still a student OK? Please? 

One of the challenges of university they don't tell you about: decorating your uni room and making a cosy area you're happy in, on a minimal student loan budget that likely doesn't even cover the rent. It's a skill in itself.

Decorating a new place was always my fave thing about starting a new year - I had 5 rooms in the my uni time. I've always loved interiors, but it's just not realistic to have a stunning Pinterest-worthy place when you're a student, or just decorating on a budget, so this is where these tips come in! I hope you find these useful. 

Decorating on a extremely low budget tips |

Fresh flowers

Fresh flowers can brighten up any room, instantly. I know you might be thinking 'this isn't low budget', but these flowers were 35p! Yes, seriously. Sure you can spend ££££ on a gorgeous bouquet, but supermarkets are the place to go for cheap flowers. Aldi currently have bunches of peonies for £3. And if you go in the evening, chances are you can find a reduced bunch of flowers for pennies, which will often still last a few days. In M&S, we often sell flowers off for as low as 30p at the end of the day, just keep your eyes out for yellow stickers!

Decorating on a extremely low budget tips |


Tapestries are another great way to instantly change the vibe of a room. I find having a tapestry up instead of a bare wall really brightens it up, and having one pinned to the ceiling with some fairy lights too makes a room approx 38942010x more cosy. Amazon is the place to go for cheap tapestries - you can find them for a fiver. Or markets too, there's a huge selection to chose from! Fix them to the wall/ceiling with some pins, and they barely leave a mark in a rented room.

Decorating on a extremely low budget tips |

Gin bottles

Gin bottles are the prettiest of all the alcohol bottles. If you're buying gin bottles for the sake of decorating, sure, that may get expensive. But if you're buying it to drink all the lovely gin, and then saving the bottles rather than throwing them away: definitely worth it. I'm planning on getting some faux flowers and eucalyptus leaves to pop in them. 

Decorating on a extremely low budget tips |

Charity Shops

This gold vase was a couple of quid from a charity shop and I love it. I painted it with black acrylic to personalise it a bit and I love having it on my IKEA bookshelf. You can easily find some hidden gems in a charity shop that can be, if you need to, upcycled with a bit of paint or DIY. 

Decorating on a extremely low budget tips |

Incense sticks

Buying candles gets expensive, but we all want a nice smelling room don't we?! Incense sticks are great for that, they're pretty cheap (like £1 a packet cheap), and create such a nice, chilled vibe.

Decorating on a extremely low budget tips |
Decorating on a extremely low budget tips |

Being arty

If you're in the least bit arty and crafty, you can fill your room with your paintings or creations. Buy some cheap frames (Wilko sell black ones for £1, IKEA's cheap too) and fill your room with paintings. If you're not arty, you could always find  some prints online and print them off at home. Etsy is great for art and it's great for supporting small businesses. 

Decorating on a extremely low budget tips |


The best tip to personalise your room and make it homely: collect your tickets and polaroids and make a little memory board. Use a corkboard or a even pop them in a frame to display them and it will instantly cheer you up. 

Making a room cosy and happy doesn't have to be expensive, you just might need to be a bit creative! If you need any furniture, definitely check out IKEA or if you don't mind second hand, Facebook selling groups and Gumtree are great. I'm moving into a new place today and I can't wait to redecorate with bits and pieces that I've collected over the years. 

What are your favourite ways of decorating on a budget?

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