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Summer Roadtrips

Summer Roadtrips and Liverpool Photo Diary |
Hi guys,

Hope you're all having a lovely summer - I'm v jealous if you're a student with your long summer holidays - damn I miss those.

Last week I graduated and I had such a nice day, there's an emotional Instagram post on my page with lots of pictures if you wanted to see. But not only have I finished that chapter of my life, I've jumped right into the deep end of the pool that is adult life. I've moved out of student accommodation and am renting a flat, I've got a full time grown-up job in marketing AND I BOUGHT A CAR. Ohhh yes.

I was super keen to get driving the moment I turned 17 all those years ago and racked up a LOT of miles driving around in my KA when I passed my test. I had to sell my little bubble car when I moved to Germany in 2015 and just didn't get round to replacing it.

So for my birthday I treated myself to a new one - Patrick the Polo. (Yes, it has a name.)

The day I picked it up from the garage I drove 3 hours, 150 miles, back to Warwickshire. As if that wasn't enough driving, 2 days later I drove my friends up to see our friend in Liverpool. Who doesn't love a long road trip, with your besties, a good car DJ, and long stretches of motorway? (If you suffer from travel sickness - I'm sorry).

Summer Roadtrips and Liverpool Photo Diary |
Summer Roadtrips and Liverpool Photo Diary |
Summer Roadtrips and Liverpool Photo Diary |
Summer Roadtrips and Liverpool Photo Diary |
Summer Roadtrips and Liverpool Photo Diary |


Arriving late, thanks traffic you're such an inconvenience, we had to quickly catch up with predrinks. Our friend promised a great night out in Liverpool and he did not disappoint. I apologise, I can't remember the names of any of the bars we went to, but they were good! We drank colourful shots and yummy cocktails, stopping more than once for food.

The next morning afternoon (lol I'm too grown up to not get hangovers anymore) we headed into the city to see it in its daylight glory. We went to the Maritime Museum to see the Titanic exhibition which was really interesting, I think the thing that stood out to me the most was the list of names of passenger and crew, seeing which survived and which lost their lives on that dreadful night. I was super sad to see that there were a couple of 'Lane's on there who died :(.

We also hit the shops of course. Liverpool has a really nice shopping area and there were so many shops so you're definitely not spoilt for choice.
Summer Roadtrips and Liverpool Photo Diary |
Summer Roadtrips and Liverpool Photo Diary |
Summer Roadtrips and Liverpool Photo Diary |
Summer Roadtrips and Liverpool Photo Diary |
Summer Roadtrips and Liverpool Photo Diary |
Summer Roadtrips and Liverpool Photo Diary |
Another favourite area of mine that we visited was the docks. I really liked the industrial architecture, and it was super picturesque with the buildings and bunting and pirate ship. Generally there was a really nice vibe there, and it was pretty in the sunshine. There was also lots of huts (which reminded me of a European christmas market) selling some delicious looking food, jewellery and other trinkets as well as a pop up Rekorderlig bar. If you find yourself in Liverpool, definitely take a trip here.

For dinner, we headed to my friend's favourite place - Tso's Chinese Buffet. It was around £10 (though there was student discount) and it was all you can eat. As a vegetarian I wasn't expecting to have a lot of choice (I'm new to vegetarian Chinese dishes) but actually there was quite a good selection and the food was pretty decent. If my friend hadn't have taken me here I wouldn't have tried it, but I'm glad he did!

After a lot of walking, and still feeling the effects of the night before, we had a chilled evening, because the next day we decided to go on ANOTHER ROAD TRIP.

Summer Roadtrips and Liverpool Photo Diary |


If you don't know me well, you might not know I'm a massive adrenaline junkie. I bloody love rollercoasters so I was very excited. I definitely dragged my friends on all the rides - Nemesis is my faaavvv. My tip: at the end of the day queue times are basically nothing, so you can go on rides over and over. Save your favourites til last and ride them on repeat. Download the app and you can have a look at queue times while you're in the park to plan your day!

So yes, I'm definitely making the most of having a car again, because damn did I miss having one. You don't really appreciate how handy they are until you don't have one unless you live in the middle of a city.

But if you're planning any summer roadtrips there is definitely some things you should keep in mind.

Roadtrip Tips

1. Take snacks and water

Especially water. There's often more traffic in the summer thanks to roadworks and holiday traffic, so make sure you have plenty of water should you get stuck in traffic on the motorway for hours, or the unthinkable happens - you break down.

2. Plan your route

Don't just rely on the satnav - they can go wrong! It's helpful to know at least roughly which way you're headed, which motorways and junctions you'll need and plan breaks if your journey is too long to do in one go.

3. Watch out for motorbikes

There are more motorbikes on the road in the summer than in the winter, it's the nicer weather! Be aware of them when pulling out of junctions and when overtaking or turning right. Check your blind spots!

4. Check your tyres

Tyres are more likely to blowout in the summer than in the winter, for a number of reasons. The main thing you need to make sure of is that before you set off, your tyres are inflated to the correct level and your tyre pressure is correct.

Tyres are so important - driving on worn out tyres can be super dangerous so don't neglect these. Fortunately, Point S is on hand to help here. You can reserve tyres in Surrey at Point S should you require it, which I think is a brilliant idea. They are not over-expensive but offer quality and durability. This is definitely something to consider for your road trips.

Have you got any summer roadtrips planned? Where are you off to? Let me know!

Hannah Lane

*This post is sponsored by Point S. As always, all opinions are my own. 

Summer Roadtrips and Liverpool Photo Diary |

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