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The Best University Tips From A Graduate

4 years ago I had a sleepless night, impatiently waiting for my A Level results and whether university would offer me place. It feels like yesterday! I still remember the emotions I felt the morning of results day. Now I've been graduated a month and it's all over, I'm insanely jealous of Freshers heading to university in September, this will be the first of 18 years I won't be heading back to education *cue the violins*. Here's my tips for surviving uni and having the best experience ever.

1. Don't Worry!

It's completely understandable and normal to be nervous. That's OK. Just don't let it hold you back! I'm sure you've heard it a thousand times but everyone IS in the same boat. If you're nervous about starting conversation with someone, they probably are too!

2. Make use of your personal tutor

You're gonna need them at some point, and when you do, you'll be glad that they're on your side (they should be anyway but you know). If you need support at any time, whether it's with financial problems, meeting deadlines, mental health struggles, career advice, literally anything that might affect your studies in any way they will listen and advise. My personal tutor was great for supporting me, and he always took a little bit of stress off when I really needed it. 

3. It's not all about the studying

Ok it mostly is, otherwise you wouldn't be going to uni and if you don't get a degree at the end of it, you will have wasted A LOT of time and money. But you can study AND have fun (trust me). Join clubs/societies, meet people, try new things, get v drunk on a night out (definitely not condoning this, not at all, nope), say yes to alll the opportunties, do internships and get work experience, start a blog even. You will have time to fit these things in alongside your studies, make the most of your summer holidays too because I promise you will miss them when you enter the working world ha!  

4. Time management

Leading on from the last point, good time management is pretty essential. The most noticeable difference between school and uni is that you've got no one holding your hand through uni. You're not even given a timetable (usually), you will have to create your own and it's *your* responsibility to make sure you don't have clashes. But also, you'll need to manage studying alongside clubs/societies etc. If you can nail your time management, you'll have a sick time at uni. 

5. Money management

Perhaps more important and a skill you'll have to grasp quickly, money management is something you don't want to slip up on. If you're getting a student loan from the government, this is paid to you in a lump sum at the start of every term. As tempting as it might be, DO NOT blow the whole lot during freshers or on a full new wardrobe. You will need this the whole way through term to actually live. And if your rent is paid monthly too, you'll need to put enough aside to make sure you can afford these payments. 

6. Keep up with the reading

Trust me on this one. Oh and don't leave essays until the last minute - all nighters are NOT fun. 

7. Friends are for life... not really

Ok so looking back on my time at uni, the best friends I made were not my housemates. For some people they are, but I can assure you, the odds of falling out with your housemates are very much against you. It happens. Even if during the first two weeks of meeting you suddenly can't imagine life without them. Coursemates are great, definitely make friends with some people on your course, as when it comes to deadlines and revision and just those 'where's today's lecture?' 'we have a lecture today?!' type conversations you'll be very grateful for them. But you'll meet so many people at uni,  and you'll make loads of friends along the way, don't worry if you fall out with a few. 

Honestly there's loads of tips I could offer, but you'll be experiencing it all for yourself soon! Just go in with an open mind and a willingness to learn, try new things and meet new people and you will have the BEST time of your life. 

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Are you heading to uni soon or have any tips you would offer? Let me know in the comments!

Hannah Lane

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