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Bullet Journal Page Ideas For Better Mental Health

Bullet Journal Page Ideas For Better Mental Health |
Bullet journals are great for mental health. At its simplest, having everything you need to remember, from appointments to bills or shopping lists, written down can be great at easing anxiety. If you worry a lot like I do, using a bullet journal to log all your things to do can put your mind at ease that you haven't forgotten anything. But one of my favourite things about bullet journalling is that its customisable. I love adding other pages alongside my daily logs such as a revision schedule, a wishlist, or a habit tracker. I also love using my bullet journal as a form of art journal, filling it with mindless doodles, illustrations, painting, scrapbooking. It's so therapeutic to sit down with my journal and art supplies and switch off from digital life for a few moments.

If you want to start using your bullet journal to make your days a little bit happier, here is some ideas:

Bullet Journal Page Ideas For Better Mental Health |

1. Gratitude Log

Taking a little bit of time out of your usual routine and busy life to reflect on and appreciate what's around you is so effective in lifting your mood. Mindfulness is really great for your mental wellbeing, and there's something really powerful in gratitude. Focusing on these things you appreciate can shift your perspective and add a little sunshine to your day. By doing this every day, you will train your mind to notice the positives in your life, and this will bring you a little bit more happiness.

Bullet Journal Page Ideas For Better Mental Health |

2. Mental Health Tracker

Tracking my mental health helped me a bunch. Writing down how I felt each day, whether it was anxious, happy, empty, optimistic, stressed, whatever, it helped me to actually address what I was feeling rather than ignore it which was certainly a step in the right direction for me. By recognising what I was feeling, I could then work towards changing that.

3. Physical Health Tracker

I actually incorporated this alongside my mental health tracker and used it to track many other things. From things like exercise, step count, eating 3 meals a day, hours of sleep, my menstrual cycle, alcohol/coffee drunk, things that could have an effect on my mood. I quickly started to notice patterns. I'm now aware my anxiety is so much worse the week before I get my period and I can't believe how long it took me to recognise that. Now I know that I can totally justify taking some more time to myself when I really need it, and I don't blame myself for feeling crap - it's something I accept and deal with. Also getting enough sleep is an important factor for me!

Bullet Journal Page Ideas For Better Mental Health |
Bullet Journal Page Ideas For Better Mental Health |

4. Goals/dreams

It's always motivating knowing you're working towards something. It can give you purpose and direction and this can really help keep you going. Note these down and every time you flick to that page you'll be reminded of them!

Bullet Journal Page Ideas For Better Mental Health |

5. Self Care page

Compared to this time last year, my mental health is so much better, but, like everyone, I still get some days where I feel down. I've learnt to recognise it and know when to take a step back and put myself first. If you've got a lot going on it can be hard to take a day or an even an evening to yourself but it will be so much better for you in the long term. Keep a page in your bullet journal filled with ideas of ways to treat yourself.

Bullet Journal Page Ideas For Better Mental Health |

6. Fill with motivating quotes and inspiring pictures

Even when your to do list spans a page or two, some pretty pictures and inspiring quotes will help a little bit in keeping your mood high and not stress you out so much.

Some more ideas:

  • Log of achievements - big or small
  • Things to remind yourself of
  • Trigger tracker
  • Sleep log
  • A page full of happy memories
  • Self care tracker
  • Medication, doctors appointments and counselling log
  • The perfect morning/evening routine
  • Places you'd like to travel to

Bullet Journal Essentials:

Has a bullet journal helped your mental health at all? Let me know in the comments!

Hannah Lane

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