Wednesday, 11 October 2017

#OOTD & Life Update

Urban Outfitters Teddy Coat | hannahemilylane

Happy Wednesday guys!

If I were you, I’d grab a cuppa and settle down. This is a long ‘un. 1000 words in fact before I even wrote this intro.

Today I thought we could have a catch up – it’s been a while hasn’t it? So this is a bit of a life update post, on how I’m feeling with different things since I graduated in the summer.

The photos on this post are from a little outfit shoot me and the boyfriend did last Saturday afternoon, which was fun. We took his dog out for a walk, got caught in the rain, then warmed up with hot chocolate afterwards. This coat is my absolute fave thing I’ve purchased in a while – the teddy coat. It’s the snuggliest, warmest jacket and it goes with so many outfits. It’s from Urban Outfitters, and funny story, I ended up driving to Leicester to go get it. So worth it though.

So here’s an OOTD with a catch up on my life.

Urban Outfitters Teddy Coat | hannahemilylane
Urban Outfitters Teddy Coat | hannahemilylane


I swear I’m always saying my life is hectic, does there ever come a point where it slows down? I swear I get busier and busier. I love it though.

But I think the changing of seasons has taken a serious impact on my energy levels. I’m not a winter girl, it’s pretty and all but I can’t stand the cold. I would rather be in 30 degrees weather than 3 degrees any day. I’ve had a cold that’s taken ages to budge, so that, coupled with the darker evenings, and the feeling cold, has just made me feel pretty drained and really lethargic. Hence why I got behind on my blog schedule recently – I got to a point where the only energy I had left after work was to make tea and drag myself to bed. Gonna get me some daylight lamps at some point.

I’ve got a holiday to look forward to next week though. My first family holiday since before university (over 4 years ago I think!) and a week in the sun is just what I need right now. I miss spending time with my family and I definitely miss the warmth. I’m heading to Fuerteventura, has anyone been there before? Any cool places to check out? Let me know!

Urban Outfitters Teddy Coat | hannahemilylane
Urban Outfitters Teddy Coat | hannahemilylane


Straight after graduating I started work in marketing, a proper adult 9-5 full time job. I’ve worked full time before in multiple jobs so I didn’t take long to adjust, but I still hate the feeling of having ‘no time’. Like you have SO much as a student, even If you have loads to do you can usually be pretty flexible with your time, but you can’t with your Mon-Fri job. But I’m really not complaining.

My job is great. The amount of stuff I’m learning is insane: university is all about the theory, I’m now learning how to put this stuff into practice. The thing I love most about my new job is the amount of design work I’ve been able to do. I’m such a creative at heart, so the fact that I get a lot of freedom with my work is really great. My job is really varied too. I’m covering everything from social media, to print marketing, to copywriting, to point-of-sale marketing, to internal communications, and new product launches. On Monday I got to go up to a store in Sheffield and lead a photoshoot, and I had so much fun taking pictures of the team, store, warehouse, and products, and the feedback I’ve got is so positive.

Urban Outfitters Teddy Coat | hannahemilylaneUrban Outfitters Teddy Coat | hannahemilylane

Mental Health

It’s been over a year ago now since my uni doctor diagnosed me with depression and anxiety, and started me on medication. I took this for 9 ish months and came off it at the end of June. It felt like the right time as I’d just finished exams, the stress of finals had come to an end and I was feeling really good.

I still am feeling really good. My depression has almost vanished, apart from those pesky PMS weeks where my mental health likes to run riot, and I just feel so positive. My anxiety sometimes likes to kick my butt though. But I have coping mechanisms in place now, such as mindfulness and recognising how I’m feeling and my thoughts better. Onwards and upwards guys.

Urban Outfitters Teddy Coat | hannahemilylane
Urban Outfitters Teddy Coat | hannahemilylane


Let’s talk about my blog.

It’s no secret that I LOVE blogging. I look forward to sitting down to a good blogging sesh. But I’ve been questioning my blog a lot lately.

Working full-time and blogging is hard. Those words have been uttered countless and countless times and that’s because they ring true.

I’m so torn because I love blogging, but after spending 8 hours looking at a screen at work, I feel like I shouldn’t come home and spend a few more hours with my head in my laptop.

I want to work hard on my blog because I would love for it to go somewhere. I mean it’s already gone somewhere, I have a fair number of followers, great blogging pals, I’ve done a few sponsored posts and my page views are respectable. But I’m not going to lie, the dream would be to take it full time.

But how do you get to that stage? Without putting every waking hour that you’re not at work into it? I know it requires a lot of hard work, but where do you draw the line?

Sorry, rambles. Anyway, I want to up my blogging game a little bit more at least, so I’m planning a move to Squarespace. I’m hoping this platform will help the layout and look of my blog, as Blogger can be pretty limited, and this little corner of the web could certainly do with a tidy up.

That probably means my blog will be offline for a short period. I don’t know when this will be or for how long, so really this isn’t noteworthy news at all. I’ll keep y’all updated though.

Urban Outfitters Teddy Coat | hannahemilylane

So that’s the important things in my life right now covered I think? I love writing posts like these, it’s therapeutic for me to take a step back and think about where my life is right now and what I’m doing and I always like reading these sort of posts on other people’s blogs. Getting to know the people behind the url’s and insta feeds. Because that’s the best things about blogs right? They’re personal and unique.

So tl;dr - my life is in a good place right now and I’m happy, despite the shitty weather.

Until next time x

Hannah Lane

Urban Outfitters Teddy Coat | hannahemilylane

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