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Which Notebook Is The Best For Bullet Journalling?

Which Notebook Is The Best For Bullet Journalling? |
This is often a pretty debated topic in the Bujo community, and until now, one I’ve never really got involved in. Partly because I’m actually not much of a fan of the most popular notebooks! But also because I disagree that there is one-size-fits-all notebook. There are so many other great (and cheaper) notebooks out there that I really didn’t want to try a Leuchtturm, so I ended up buying a Paperchase one and have since moved on to a Muji one.

While I was writing this post, I thought it’d be really beneficial to get as many opinions as possible to create a fair, unbiased post. So I asked for some help over on Twitter as well as in my bloggers Whatsapp chat and got some great responses!

So here’s the definitive* guide to the ultimate notebook for bullet journalling.

(*disclaimer: not actually definitive)

Which Notebook Is The Best For Bullet Journalling? |

Muji Notebooks

Muji is probably my favourite place to buy stationery, but then I’ve always been a fan of Japanese stationery, particularly their pens. I’ve been using pens from Muji since the start of uni but I’ve only recently discovered the notebooks, not sure how it took me this long. They’re really not that expensive and there’s so much variety, so you’re bound to find the perfect one for you.

I’m actually currently using a Muji A5 notebook for my bullet journal. It has dotted pages and is ring bound - so you don’t have to fear ripping a page out, as it won’t screw up the rest of your notebook. It's this one, if you're interested. It has 70 sheets of paper, and costs £3.95.

But I also have a Muji A5 notebook for my work bujo/notebook, the only difference is it has more pages (80) which are thinner and plain. The thinner pages aren’t an issue for me at work because the pen I use (also Muji) doesn’t bleed at all, but I prefer the thicker pages in my BuJo as I use watercolours, coloured pens, and it just generally gets more use. However I think for my next BuJo I will be buying one with plain pages. This one was £2.75.

Both of my notebooks have plain kraft covers, which is perfect for me because I often decorate the covers. Muji sells lots of notebooks though with a number of plain covers, different sizes, different pages (dotted, graphed, plain, lined) and a variety of binding.

Which Notebook Is The Best For Bullet Journalling? |

Paperchase Multi-Journal

This notebook was the one I used for both my first and second bullet journal, and at the time I really recommended them. I still do, if it's your first bujo and you're not completely sure how you're going to use it. The thing I loved most about this notebook was that it had three different page types: plain, lined and grid pages. The grid pages were great for things like trackers or to do lists or daily logs, the plain pages were good for being more creative like illustrations or flexible daily weekly logs, and I used the lined pages for lists and making notes. It's also divided into two sections so I used the first section for my main bujoing and the second section for my blogging bujo.


This is where other bloggers come in, as I've never used one of these, though I'm aware they are probably THE most popular (ot at least, it seems that way). Check out what other bloggers say about these notebooks:

Colleen Welsch: "When I began bullet journaling, I used a Leuchtturm1917 medium soft cover sign dots in black. I liked it a lot, but I felt like I needed more room and the cover was getting really beat up from everyday wear and tear. So I just recently spent a little extra $ to get the A4 size hardcover. I love the Leuchtturm brand because the paper is nice and thick. I like to use a lot of different colored markers and pens and I don't want them to bleed through!"

Hannah: "I use a Leuchtturm1917, and I'm currently on my second one. The fact I've re-bought it, to me says a lot. I love the ease of the numbered pages, and the pocket at the back to store things. plus, the dots are easy on the eyes, and much more aesthetically pleasing than grids."

This is what two of my best blogging pals said:
Effi: I like the dotted pages, the TWO page markers, the little pocket at the back, it has many pages, the index space is neat.

Mel: It just feels like high quality, not a lot of ghosting, I like the squares and it jus looks nice. Also it gets thrown around a lot and it’s not got scraggly or anything
They also both confirmed that it was well worth the price tag, and in fact they expected it to cost more for the quality.

Gwennan even wrote a whole post dedicated to how much she loves the Leuchtturm. You can read that here.

Lined Notebooks

Leuchtturms might not be the notebook for you though, and that's totally OK! You may find another notebook that suits you better, such as having one with lined pages. These are a lot more common and often a lot of cheaper, so you can find some really cool colours and designs. Jess uses a lined notebook:
Jess Louise Keen: "I use a notebook from paper chase called the noto. I really love the outside colour and feel of the outside as it's slightly squishy and I like that the band holding it together goes around the middle rather than down one side like a lot of notebooks. I like that it's compact but has a lot of pages, and the pen doesn't run through to the other side. I guess the main difference to normal bujos is that mines lined rather than dotted - I can see why dotted would be helpful sometimes but I haven't found any issues with lines!"

Which Notebook Is The Best For Bullet Journalling? |

Any notebook

OK I guess this post has proven that really is a matter of personal opinion on which notebook is best. If you have an empty notebook laying around and you want to start a bullet journal, why not use that? Or if you're looking to buy one, hopefully this post has given you a few pointers. It's difficult to know how you will use a bujo until you start one, but here's some things to consider:

  • Size - A4/A5?
  • Paper type - dotted, lined, grid, plain
  • Cover - Designed or plain
  • Price

Hopefully you'll be able to find the perfect bullet journal notebook for you!

Which notebook do you use? Have you ever tried a different one?

Hannah Lane

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