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Hannah Emily Lane

My blog stats:

As of Feb 2018 

- Combined following of over 30,000

- 8,500+ Pinterest followers

- 725+ Instagram followers

- 2,500+ Twitter followers

- 1,250+ Bloglovin followers

- 60,000+ monthly unique users

- 70,000+ monthly page views

- 3,000,000+ all time page views



advertising package includes: 

You will: 

  • be featured in a monthly blog post with other advertisers 
  • have 4 pins to blog posts repinned
  • get 4 promo tweets 
  • be featured in a #FF tweet 
  • get a shoutout on my instagram stories
  • have your blog logo on my sidebar and homepage

(See below for more details)

This package costs £5 a month and there are 5 available!

Next available slot: March 2017

More details:

Blog post: All advertisers will be included in one post, I will include details of your blog, your blog posts and your social links.

Pins:  I will pin or repin 4 blog posts a month. If there are specific ones you would like promoted, please let me know at the start of the month! I am able to create pinnable images for you if needed/you prefer. 

Tweets: I will tweet your blog/blog posts 4x a month. 2 of these will be retweets, and 2 will be promotional tweets produced by me. If you would like specific blog posts promoted, please inform me at the start of the month! Note: if you do not tweet promotional tweets, I will be unable to retweet them. I will also do a collective #FF (Follow Friday) for advertisers during the month. 

Instagram story shoutout: I will give each advertiser a shout out on my instagram stories with a link to your Instagram profile once per month. 

Your blog logo: This will be featured in my sidebar and on my homepage. I may need you to email this over before the start of the month. 


Hannah Emily Lane Blog

how to advertise with me: 

  1. Email me at hannahemilylane@gmail.com or fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page with your blog name and URL, and which month/how many months you would like to advertise. 
  2. I will reply with confirmation as soon as possible. Payment will be needed within 48 hours of confirmation or I will open up the slot again. Payments are via Paypal. 
  3. Before the start of the month you are due to advertise with me, I will require your blog logo/button for the sidebar, your social media links/usernames and any details of specific posts you would like promoted. I will contact you about this before your advertising is due to start though so don't worry!

Any questions? Want a custom package? Interested?! Email me: hannahemilylane@gmail.com

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