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A Festive Bucket List | www.hannahemilylane.com

I love a bucket list, especially a seasonal one. Life just seems to go quicker and quicker and often if I don’t make a solid effort to appreciate what’s going on in the world, it passes by all too fast and another season has changed before you know it.

A bucket list can really help you to get doing some of the best things each season brings by giving you a little bit of encouragement and inspiration.

Winter is my favourite time for this. Autumn and Spring can be a little hit and miss with weather. British people instinctively ‘make the most of’ Summer because Britain sees on average 2 sunny days a year, but it can be easy to let Winter pass us by because of the miserable weather and dark nights.

So I like to make a bucket list to really embrace the uniqueness of each season in the UK (even if they can all feel like one), and I thought I’d share my winter/festive one with you guys as part of Blogmas.

Festive Bucket List | www.hannahemilylane.com

Go iceskating

One of my favourite things to do when winter rolls around is wrap up and go iceskating - especially on an outside rink with lots of lights and festive songs playing. 

Drink mulled wine

Ok I admit, I never really was that into mulled wine. When I lived in Germany I opted for the white mulled wine instead as I found it nicer, buuuut it's growing on me. And you can't deny, the smell of it just screams Christmas. 

A wrapped up wintery walk with mittens and bobble hats

I love a good Winter walk when you can't feel your nose or fingers, and when you get back you need 378292 hot chocolates and mugs of soup to warm back up again. Bonus points if there's snow on the ground, but let's be honest, in Britain it's more likely going to be just mud...

Watch Elf and Love Actually (aka, the 2 best Christmas films)

Put those Christmas PJs on, make a hot chocolate or peppermint tea, whack out some mince pies or stollen or other snacks, maybe even light a Christmas scented candle and have the BEST FESTIVE EVENING. 

Have a friend date with hot chocolate and a spot of Christmas shopping

Christmas is always a great excuse to meet up with friends you haven't seen in a while, and that's also a great excuse to try out your favourite cafe's festive drink menu. If only eggnog lattes were available all year round...

Dust off the Michael Buble album

If I hear a Christmas song anytime of the year other than December, I WILL complain. But now, GIMME THE FESTIVE TUNES. 

Visit Christmas Markets

Ok so British Christmas Markets... not quite the same as German ones. But they're still great for festive vibes. Birmingham's German Christmas Markets are horrendously busy on a Saturday but they're still fun to visit, browse the stalls, try food, drink some mulled wine and feel merry.

Board game evening with friends or family

Festive jumpers compulsory. Board games just feel so festive, and it's great to spend some no-screen time with loved ones. Very hygge. 

Donate or volunteer to help those in need this Christmas

Ok this one is an important one. It's easy to get swept up in the Christmas spirit and forget about those who find this time of year super hard. There's always ways you can help others. Donate some food to your local food bank for example, donate to a charity, or help out at a shelter. 

Bake something - mince pies, gingerbread, cookies

This is the best time of year to try a new recipe - no one wants to be stood in a hot kitchen over the oven in the height of summer, but in Winter, it suddenly seems so much more appealing. Bake some festive treats, classic mince pies or shortbread, or maybe try something new such as Stollen or Lebkuchen. 

A printable checklist: 

Festive Bucket List | www.hannahemilylane.com

What are your favourite things to do at Christmas? Let me know in the comments! 

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