Reflecting on 2017 | 2018 Goals

Reflections and Resolutions |

It's the last day of 2017 and I'm in full-on reflection mode. I know a lot of people get annoyed about the whole 'New Year, New Me' narrative, but actually, I think it's really motivating. Bettering yourself is always a positive thing and if the New Year is the push you need to get started on your goals, then go for it!!

I wrote one of these posts last year, you can read that here, so I wanted to do another this year. They're nice to look back on and see what goals you had for yourself and remind yourself of amazing memories. 

These were my goals I set myself for 2017:

  1. Graduate with a 2:1
  2. Save a specified amount of money 
  3. Start an Etsy shop
  4. Look after myself
  5. Continue blogging
  6. Man up and get my ear pierced and that tattoo


Graduate with a 2:1

I did it!! I bloody did it! I am so proud of myself because I worked so hard for that grade, throughout all of my education. My graduation was a day I'll never forget!

Save a specified amount of money

So I actually did save the amount of money I hoped to, and then bought a car with it! Next year I'm gonna work even harder on saving, as there's things like a new camera body, travel, and a house deposit that are going to need funding!

Start an Etsy shop

Yeah that didn't happen. I had all the best intentions with this one, but I underestimated how much time I would need, and I just couldn't find that time in the last couple of terms of my degree. By the time summer rolled around, I was working full time, and to be honest, I didn't have the drive to set it up. I'm still mulling over this goal. I really want a creative side hustle, but I need to seriously consider how my spare time is best spent and what to focus on - art, design or photography?? 

Look after myself

I think I've set this goal to myself for the last couple of years and I will again next year. It's a continuous goal. I think I did a lot better last year, I came off antidepressants completely and my mental health is so much better now. I recognise when it's time to slow down and take some time to myself for a bit of self-care and though I'm not perfect, I'm getting there. Definitely want to carry this on in 2018.

Continue blogging

Yes!! Smashed this one. I'm so pleased as I think this year is the year I have blogged the most consistently, especially the second half of the year. I'm really proud of how this website is coming along, and I can't wait to continue the blogging journey in 2018 and see what the next year brings.

Man up and get my ear pierced and that tattoo

Ok getting one ear pierced is a bit of a weird goal, but it was something I put off for a long time. (I did originally have two ears pierced for the record, but I stretched one and let it close up and it closed up completely). I'm scared of needles. However I did it!! I got my ear pierced! I also got a second lobe piercing, a helix piercing and a nose piercing, so I think my needle fear has been left in the past. 

I also got my tattoo! I've always admired tattoos and I'm so glad I got mine, I absolutely adore it. 2 hours straight of tattooing wasn't the most fun, but the result is so worth it. 

Reflections and Resolutions |

So I think I did pretty well with my 2017 goals! 

I had a pretty awesome year actually. Definitely the highlight of the year was graduating and my result, but I've had a lot of other fantastic moments too: 

2017, you've been pretty cool. 

I'm feeling so motivated and inspired for 2018, and ready to work so hard. Here are some goals I'm setting myself:

  • Save money
  • Do a TEFL course
  • Work hard on my blog
  • Work even harder on my photography
  • Get horse riding again

Those are my main focuses for the year. I also have other little goals like eat healthy and properly, practice yoga, and read more. I'm going to be tracking my progress on these each month in my bullet journal, as I want to start making things like those healthy habits. 

I'm determined!

What are your goals for 2018?