How I used my bullet journal in 2018

I’ve been bullet journalling for a few years now - nearly 3 I think?! - so I’m pretty clued up on how my bullet journal works for me. It has of course changed a great deal over that time as so has my life! When I first started using it I was interning abroad, then I travelled, then I went back to uni, and now I have a full time job. 2018 has been the best year for my journal though no doubt, I’ve used it consistently the entire year, enjoyed using it and have got very few half filled in or useless pages.

I’ve learned what I enjoy using my bullet journal for and what I don’t, the level of creativity and artiness I want in my pages, the right amount of collection pages, the right notebook and that I don’t need to put washi tape in my journal if I don’t want to. Note: your journal doesn’t have to look like something straight outta pinterest.

And I also started an instagram account purely to post pictures of my bullet journal and browse others. This has really motivated me to improve my art skills and keep up to date with my journal and everyone is so lovely in the little bujo community so I’m pretty excited - come hang out with me there!

So here’s how I used my bullet journal in 2018:

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Leuchtturm 1917

2018 marks the first year I tried out a Leuchtturm for my bullet journal. Before this I’d always used ring bound notebooks from Paperchase or Muji so I was definitely hesitant to switch things up.

But I have to say, I have really enjoyed my Leuchtturm. It hasn’t bothered me that it’s not ring bound or the pages are thinner, I’ve appreciated the extra pages and the ribbon bookmarks and I will definitely be sticking to a Leuchtturm for 2019.

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Monthly cover pages

This is something I started experimenting with towards the end of 2017 and something I promptly adored and wanted to utilise in my 2018 journal. I started painting a title page for the beginning of every month - painting on watercolour paper and then glueing in. Every month in my journal also had a different theme, coupled with a colour scheme.

Flicking through my journal it’s clear to see which month a page belongs to, and the slightly thicker pages at the start of the month (thanks to the watercolour paper) makes a month really easy to find. These arty cover pages and monthly themes is something I will definitely be carrying forward to my 2019 journal as I’ve loved the creative outlet they’ve provided me.

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Bullet Journal Pages  |


I’ve always used my bujo for planning, but never really for documenting. I’ve had a planner or diary every year for as long as I remember, and occasionally I’ll look through old ones - I always find it interesting to see where I was in my life at that point of time. I wanted to use my bujo a bit more with that in mind this year, so rather than a collection of to do lists, I also have collections of memories and thoughts and goals and mementos. I added a specific memories page at the end of every month to look back on, and in my weekly logs I started writing about times when I had a really nice day out or a lovely weekend or moments I don’t want to forget!

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Bullet Journal Pages  |

Collection pages

I’ve always had collection pages in my bullet journal - such as bucket lists, trackers, meal ideas, cruelty free brands, wish list, books list etc - but I went around them a little differently this year.

Rather than stuff as many in as I can think of at the start of my journal, I kept it minimal and added ones I needed as and when throughout the year. This is definitely the way to go as I haven’t been left with unused pages.

Some of the collection pages I’ve used this year include:

  • Savings tracker

  • Cruelty free makeup brands

  • New years resolutions

  • TEFL course tracker

  • Wishlist

  • Instagram hashtags

  • Self care ideas

  • Lunar calendar

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Bullet Journal Pages  |

Personal life only

I had tried in previous bullet journals to use it for work and personal life. I decided this year to have a separate planner for work and it was definitely one of my better ideas. I always take my bujo with me to work in case I need to reference something but I tend to not have it on my desk and only use my work planner during work hours. It helps for better work/life balance and I find my work planning needs are different to my personal life needs so it makes sense to have separate notebooks.

Overall I found my bullet journal has been working perfectly for me this year and with my new journal in 2019 I really don’t think I’ll be changing much. I plan on continue using it to be creative, a place to write down good memories, and plan my life and I’m excited to start a fresh notebook (isn’t that just the best feeling!)

How do you use your bullet journal? Will you be changing anything with a new year coming up?

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