5 Things I'm Loving Right Now #7

These are always one of my favourite posts to write. And as I'm finding blogging a little bit difficult lately, I thought I'd eeease myself in a little. 

I can't quite place my finger on why. The blogging world has changed a great deal recently and I feel like I've lost my footing, stumbling trying to keep up. I'm stuck somewhere between posting what I want to post and posting what others might like to read. Then the less I post, the more difficult I find to get back into it, you know? Like I'm out of practice. 

But I won't bore you with that. I'm still trying to figure it out myself. 

July has flown past. It's been a fun month though, here's some of the things I've been loving this month: 


London Pride 2018

Near the start of the month, I celebrated my birthday this year at Pride, which was so much fun! 

I've been to Pride in Berlin before but never in the UK, so I was keen to join in, and the parade perfectly coincided with my birthday plans in London. And the weather was perfect as well, I'm a big fan of this heat wave we're having.

It was a gloriously sunny day, and I can honestly say it was one the happiest, most loving event I've ever been at. So much colour, glitter, cheering, support. I had such a great time! 


Temple of Seitan

On the same day as Pride, we visited Temple of Seitan. It's somewhere I've wanted to visit for a loooong time and what better excuse than my birthday! (aka, Luke doesn't get a say hahaha)

If you haven't heard of it, it's a vegan fried 'chicken' place. Think KFC, but better, haha! They use seitan for 'chicken' which is honestly my favourite meat replacement so far. It's scarily close to the real deal. 

I'm now considering a move to London just so I can regularly eat at Temple of Seitan. Vegan junk food is bloody great.  



Panic! At The Disco's New Album

So Panic was a favourite band of mine back when I was a teenager, but I definitely drifted from their music for a while. This new album though has got me HOOKED again. I've been playing the songs on repeat ever since it was released, and I'm absolutely not bored yet.

Brendon Urie is one talented, beautiful man. 

My favourite tracks are Dying in LA, One of the Drunks and King of the Clouds. 

Now he just needs to announce a UK/Europe tour and I'll be a very happy gal.


Sims 4 Seasons

Ok the sims series has been a long time guilty pleasure of mine. I can waste hours on this game.   

Seasons is always my favourite expansion pack and I couldn't resist not buying it on release day because sometimes I'm weak ok. And of course, I love it. It's a visually beautiful game and the weather really brings the game to life like no other EP does. 

I love the ability to create your own holidays with traditions and the new CAS items! 


Dr Marten's Satchel

My mum bought me this beautiful bag for my birthday. When she asked what I'd like as a present, I gave her the terrible description of 'bag I can use for work, not too big not too small' and she nailed it. This bag is utterly perfect for me! 

It's smart enough for me to use it for work, fits everything I need in it but isn't too oversized, but is still a little on the alternative side because Dr Martens. I know I'll be using this bag a hell of a lot! It's perfect.



What are you loving lately?

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