Can we believe it’s already May? I can’t. January lasted 627229 years, did Feb even happen and where did March and April go?  

For one of the first times since maybe high school, I’m actually looking forward to this May, because I won’t have my head in books and papers cramming for exams. I can actually appreciate the transition to summer and the usual good weather that comes with this month. No more stuck inside revising, I will be outside living my best life.

What I have planned for May

So first of all, if you don’t follow me on instagram (if not, why not?? Pls come help me reach my goal) then you may have missed the teeny announcement I made. Last week, I handed in my notice!! 

No, I’m not going freelance, like it seems everyone is doing recently (I’m cheering everyone on who is able to do this, YOU GO GIRL). I have however landed myself a new job! YAY!

I start in June so I will have a small period between finishing my current job and starting my new one to chill out and I’m looking forward to it! I plan on going home to visit family, maybe go to Slam Dunk, get a couple of piercings I’ve had planned for a while, get some blogging done, and if Luke gets time off then maybe squeeze in a little trip away!  

This bank holiday weekend we’re planning a road trip down to the Jurassic coast and Dorset. The weather forecast is looking lovely, we’re gonna pack a picnic and my photography gear and hopefully we can get some cool shots. There’s also a meteor shower this weekend which will be awesome to see!

May goals

May will be a bit of a strange month, finishing my job and having some time off, so I’m not sure how many goals are realistic. But here’s some I’m setting, with no pressure on me to actually achieve them (well, ok, a little pressure because I am not good at doing nothing)

1. Get back into blogging

I want to have a little redesign of this site, start uploading more and try to get more involved with the community again. I see a lot of people talking about the blogosphere dying, but I’m not convinced, nor willing to let it die.

2. Go for a few runs

Is it just me, but I never, ever feel motivated to run in the winter. However right now I’m keen to dig my running trainers out from the back of the wardrobe and get a sweat on.

3. Cut down on spending

I’ve never been an extravagant spender by any means, but I really wanna cut out that money I don’t need to spend, like lunches out when I’m at work, or buying a coffee on the way to work when I could make one at home or at the office. I’m keen to save as much as possible so I can get a new DSLR!

4. Complete more of my TEFL course

I’m making progress with this course but I really need to crack on with it now! 

5. Enjoy May

April was quite stressful, but everything has fallen into place for me recently and I just want to enjoy it! I want to spend quality time with Luke, be outdoors more, make the most of my time off and just be happy really! (cringe, but true)

May playlist  

My music taste is so varied, I have an insane amount of playlists on Spotify. This month emo music seems to be taking centre stage. Bands like La Dispute, Pinegrove and Modern Baseball feature on this months playlist, which I've linked below: 

What have you got planned for May? Do you have any goals?

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